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Spezialdrahtseile interessant in Szene gesetzt

Arbeitsbühnen news - 9. October 2014 - 7:48
Fachschulung von Diepa und SWF Krantechnik

Potain tower cranes building third tallest building in France

CranesY - 9. October 2014 - 7:20

Two Potain tower cranes are building an ambitious commercial development in the heart of Lyon, France. The 200 m tall Tour Incity will be the tallest building in the city and the third tallest in France. The Potain cranes are working 14 hours a day for 30 months to build one floor per week at the congested job site.

The demanding schedule is the result of the building’s inner-city location. Flanked by a busy road, a school and a shopping mall, work must adhere to a strict schedule to limit disruption to the local area.

The 16 t capacity Potain MD 550 and 12 t capacity MDT 222 tower cranes, which are owned by the project’s main contractor Bouygues, were chosen for the project because of their proven reliability and performance that will ensure the project runs smoothly, as Julian Bargues, job site manager at Bouygues explains.

“We are absolutely convinced that the Potain cranes will deliver to the high standards and strict schedule we demand,” he says. “Working in such a tight space means we need very precise load control and smooth movement, two things we know Potain cranes are ideal.”

The Potain cranes at Tour Incity were erected in 2013. They are lifting general construction materials in loads of up to 16 t. Both cranes are climbing at a rate of 15 m per month and set to reach final working heights of 280 m.

The cranes’ exact position and jib lengths were carefully planned to ensure maximum coverage of the job site, yet minimal disruption to the busy streets below. As a result, one of the Potain cranes, the MDT 222, is climbing internally, adding to the technical challenge of the project, as Alexandre Chanteclair, EMEA product manager at Potain, explains.

“Big projects need smart and efficient solutions. Our Lift Solutions team worked closely with Bouygues to design the perfect lifting solution,” he says. “Erecting the MDT 222 internally minimizes the two cranes’ footprints on the job site, while giving the crane the optimum capacity over the maximum area of the job site. It also ensure the cranes can work at a good pace without causing problems for the local area.”

The Potain MDT 222 is erected with a specially-adapted floor climbing system where a unique frame is attached to the building’s concrete core. This allows the crane to reach its final working height while maintaining its strength and stability. The MD 550 is installed with Potain’s external anchorage system where several frames fix the mast to the outside of the building.

Manitowoc Crane Care service teams regularly work alongside Bouygues at the job site, ensuring the cranes perform perfectly and climb with ease.

Potain’s MD 550 is a 16 t capacity top-slewing tower crane, which offers a maximum 80 m jib but is configured with 60 m of jib at the job site. The Potain MDT 222 is a 12 t capacity topless city crane that offers up to 65 m of jib, but is fitted with a 30 m jib at the project.

Tour Incity is a mixed-use commercial development in the heart of Lyon’s business district. The tower will comprise of 44,000 sqm of offices and four restaurants. Tour Incity is the first inner-city building to be accredited as HQE® (High Quality Environmental Standard) in France thanks to a variety of environmental innovations.

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BKL buys second Grove GMK6300L after first hits 1,500 hours in a year

CranesY - 9. October 2014 - 7:16

German crane rental giant BKL Baukran Logistik GmbH, has clocked an impressive 1,500 working hours in a year with its Grove GMK6300L. As a result, BKL has bought a second GMK6300L to help the company answer ever-increasing demand for the 300 t capacity crane and its unique capabilities.

The Grove GMK6300L has proven to be a real workhorse for BKL, completing a huge range of demanding lifts. The crane is particularly impressive at inner-city job sites where lifts are big but space is small, as Jasmin Myer, branch manager at BKL, explains:

“With the GMK6300L we offer our clients an efficient crane that is fast to operate and offers minimal transport hassle, which is particularly beneficial at cramped, urban job sites,” she says. “We often use the crane in city-center job sites where we need a big but maneuverable crane that can be set up in the optimum position that keeps interference to a minimum.”

BKL’s new Grove GMK6300L is based in Frankfurt, but is almost never in the yard as the crane has been busy on job sites since it arrived. Working across the local region means the crane is found working in the mountainous, rugged terrain of Krün, outside of Munich, to tight, urban areas with limited space.

Among its many lifting duties and general construction projects, BKL’s GMK6300L is most often used to erect and dismantle tower cranes, mainly from BKL’s own fleet.

With more than 330 tower cranes and close to 40 mobile cranes in its fleet, BKL is one of the largest crane suppliers in Germany. The company has more than 45 years’ experience in crane sales and rentals, and provides lifting services to projects throughout Germany.

Grove’s GMK6300L is one of the company’s biggest success stories. Since its launch at the end of 2010, more than 200 units are now working at projects on four continents. The six-axle crane is one of the first units to benefit from the recent quality improvements carried out at Grove’s Wilhelmshaven plant in northern Germany.

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Grove GMK6300L makes light work of tight squeeze in London

CranesY - 9. October 2014 - 7:14

UK-based City Lifting has completed its first job with its new Grove GMK6300L, which arrived in September. The 300 t capacity all-terrain crane carefully maneuvered into a tight, downtown job site in London, UK, to perform a series of lifts that few other cranes could have completed without rigging a fly jib.

The job was at Great Ormond Street Hospital, a world-renowned center of excellence for child healthcare, where five air handling units had to be installed on the roof of a nine-story building. Each unit weighed up to 4 t and was lifted at a radius of up to 54 m – a relatively simple task. However, the job site’s central London location meant there was no space to rig a fly jib, so all lifts had to be completed using only the crane’s main boom.

To add to the complications, the team arrived on site to discover a large hole had been dug in the small access road directly outside the courtyard. But with a class-leading 80 m main boom and independent all-wheel steering, Grove’s GMK6300L made light work of both problems, as Trevor Jepson, owner of City Lifting, explains.

“Cranes and holes do not mix but the GMK6300L is no ordinary crane – in this class, nothing comes close to it,” he says. “It has a relatively small footprint and excellent all-wheel steering, which allowed us to maneuver the crane into the smallest of spaces with the narrowest of margins. It then completed all of the lifts in a single day. This was the crane’s first job and I’m delighted with it already.”

To get into position, the Grove GMK6300L’s independent all-wheel steering came into its own and the team from City Lifting carefully edged the crane around the various obstacles on site, including the hole, the sidewalk and local traffic. Once in position, the crane was quickly set-up before starting the first of the five scheduled lifts.

The Grove GMK6300L is now the largest crane in City Lifting’s fleet. The company operates 40 mobile cranes and self-erecting tower cranes, which it supplies to customers across Greater London. Working in densely populated central London, City Lifting often works at night and against tight deadlines.

Grove’s GMK6300L is one of the company’s biggest success stories. Since its launch at the end of 2010, more than 200 units are now working at projects on four continents. Among its many notable features, the GMK6300L’s cab is considered to be the most comfortable and advanced in the industry, a claim Trevor Jepson certainly agrees with:

“We want to invest in the best, most up-to-date equipment, and thanks to the GMK6300L’s futuristic cab with advanced features, it also looks the best too.”

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Crane rolls into ravine

Crane hire news - 9. October 2014 - 2:16
A three axle All Terrain crane left the road near Rollesbroich, Germany, yesterday as it negotiated a minor road

Clearlake acquires AmQuip

International Cranes - 9. October 2014 - 0:07
Clearlake Capital Group acquires AmQuip from a consortium of investors.

"Kranunfälle: Würde gern mal hier im Forum.." von DUDU am 08.10.2014 um 22:20 Uhr

KranForum - 8. October 2014 - 22:20
Antwort von DUDU im Board "Kranarbeiten"

Two Cranes Fall in Switzerland

Crane Accidents - 8. October 2014 - 21:38

Two cranes – a mobile and a tower crane – overturned this morning in a residential area in Switzerland.























The falling crane also damaged surrounding buildings

The incident occurred early this morning when it appears that a six axle All Terrain crane owned by Welti-Furrer began dismantling a regular top slewing tower crane, that had been working on a new building in the town of Affoltern am Albis, to the south west of Zurich. The contractor in the job is Leuthard, we understand that two men on site received ‘moderate injuries’.

















The tower crane went over backwards and pulled the mobile with it

At this stage we only have a little input from the scene, but it seems that the mobile crane was removing the tower crane’s jib before the back mast counterweight causing the crane, which was erected on a counter-weighted base to become back-heavy. It then went over, pulling the mobile with it.



















The tower crane had a counter-weighted base

Serious damage was caused to two vehicles on the ground, including a truck, and 24 residents of a nearby retirement home were evacuated to another part of the home for safety reasons.

An investigation has begun led by the Canton of Zurich and the Limmat Valley police.


















The damage to both cranes is severe

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"Liebherr LG 1750" von Kranfahrer-Meik am 08.10.2014 um 16:06 Uhr

KranForum - 8. October 2014 - 16:06
Antwort von Kranfahrer-Meik im Board "Liebherr Krane"

New owner for AmQuip

Crane hire news - 8. October 2014 - 15:20
Clearlake Capital Group has acquired US crane rental company AmQuip from the investors who owned it

"Kranunfälle: Würde gern mal hier im Forum.." von Kranfahrer-Meik am 08.10.2014 um 14:44 Uhr

KranForum - 8. October 2014 - 14:44
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Incity build for Bouygues

International Cranes - 8. October 2014 - 13:53
French contractor Bouygues has put two Potain tower cranes on site to build the Tour Incity commercial development in Lyon, France

Nur für Befugte

Arbeitsbühnen news - 8. October 2014 - 13:30
Heid Hebegeräte setzt seit Jahren auf den Rösler miniKey.

Wiederholt eingekauft

Arbeitsbühnen news - 8. October 2014 - 13:20
Müller Arbeitsbühnenverleih nimmt dritten Rhino ins Vermietprogramm.

Third Dino Lift for Hubert Müller

Crane hire news - 8. October 2014 - 12:56
Bavarian rental company Hubert Müller Arbeitsbühnenverleih has taken delivery of a third Dino Lift 185XTS boom

K25 module to Capelle in France

International Cranes - 8. October 2014 - 12:49
French heavy load transporter manufacturer Nicolas has delivered a K25 modular platform trailer to heavy transport provider Capelle in Ales, France

Two cranes fall in Switzerland

Crane hire news - 8. October 2014 - 12:12
Two cranes – a mobile and a tower crane - overturned this morning in a residential area in Switzerland

Manitou telehandlers for A-Plant

Crane hire news - 8. October 2014 - 10:07
UK based rental company A-Plant has placed an order for Manitou telehandlers worth over £3 million.


Arbeitsbühnen news - 8. October 2014 - 9:14
Neue integrierte Start-Stopp-Technologie.


Arbeitsbühnen news - 8. October 2014 - 8:39
Palfinger P480 für Collé Rental & Sales