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Largest Self-Erecting Crane — The Potain Igo T130 with 164-foot Boom

CranesY - 24. January 2016 - 14:17

Canadian Professional Crane Inc. in Waterdown, Ontario, is proud to announce what is now the largest self-erecting crane: the Potain Igo T130. What follows is an overview of the T130’s impressive technological features.

The Igo T130 is Potain’s newest self-erecting crane and the biggest crane of its kind. Potain is a leader in tower crane production. The company was founded in France in 1928, and at present makes more than 60 models of cranes that are manufactured in France, Italy, Germany, Portugal and China.

The Igo T line offers a number of technological advances over the HDT line of cranes, which have long stood at the forefront of the self-erecting crane industry. The Potain Igo T130 provides the utmost configuration adaptability while being highly mobile on a single trailer. The T130 is ideal for job sites with tight space restrictions.

Features of the T130 include:
• 8,000 kilograms (17,637 pounds) full capacity
• 1,400 kilograms (3,086 pounds) capacity at 50 metres (164 feet)
• 50 metres (164 feet) operational hood radius
• 37.3 metres (122 feet) top tip hook height with jib set horizontal
• 61 metres (200 feet) hook height with 50 metres (164 feet) jib set at 30 degrees
• Adjustable height lattice mast from 19.3 metres (63 feet) to 37.3 metres (122 feet) (optional mast inserts available)

Progressing from the HDT to the Igo T will be straightforward for crane operators and technicians. A similar user-friendliness applies to the Igo T line as with HDT cranes, but the Igo T utilizes a number of advanced technologies that hoist the innovative Igo T well into the future.

SmartCom technology: SmartCom is an embedded electronic control system in the control panel that enables person-to-machine interface. The system provides a number of functions that make such aspects as managing safety devices and crane maintenance more expedient.

Mast inserts: Working height can be increased by up to 15 metres (49 feet) by use of optional mast inserts. Inserts are 6 metres (20 feet) each and give the operator added height under the hook.

Cab options: Two cab options are available: the Cab 800 offers operators an aerial view with basic comforts. The Ultra View Cab has integrated controls and superior operator comforts.

Components: To comply with the North American market, the main electrical panel consists of UL/CSA components.

New Potain crane picked for Thailand tower

CranesY - 24. January 2016 - 14:11

Syntec Construction has taken the first delivery in Thailand of Potain’s new MCR 160 luffing jib crane.

The new model, which was launched in July, fitted the contractor’s requirements for a crane that could be placed easily inside buildings during construction and that also has a small footprint. The crane can be configured on either 2m mast sections or narrower 1.6m sections, depending on site needs.

The company has installed the crane on its first job, the 130m-tall Rhythm Sukhumvit 36-28 residential development in Bangkok. Syntec Construction is the main contractor on the job, which is being built for AP (Thailand). The crane was installed at an initial 36.7m height and with a 45m jib but it will be climbed to 140m by the project’s end in July 2016.

“The lift shafts in the buildings are small and difficult to access, so we needed a reliable crane that could perform at a reliable rate,” said Nayot Pisantanakul, assistant managing director for Syntec Construction. “After investing in the Potain MCR 160, we’re working faster and more efficiently than ever before, and this will ensure we get the job completed at a much lower cost.”

Placing tower cranes inside tall buildings is becoming an increasingly popular construction method, especially in Asia, according to manufacturer Manitowoc. When the tower crane is positioned centrally inside the building (usually inside the lift shaft) it can access the entire area of the project more easily. A further advantage is that this configuration means the crane does not need to take up space outside the building, which is particularly useful on congested downtown sites. Cranes erected outside the building also have to reach further, meaning a much larger model with a longer jib is required. This increases costs and set-up times for the contractor.

The MCR 160 can lift a maximum of 10t and can be rigged with up to 50m of jib. It offers a 2.4t jib-end capacity and can be equipped with Potain’s Vision cab, which offers excellent all-round visibility and an ergonomic design.

S B Siam, Manitowoc’s Thailand-based Potain dealer, sold the crane to Syntec Construction and was involved in the commissioning and erection of the crane. Syntec Construction will also add a second MCR 160 to its equipment fleet, with the new model due for delivery this month. It will join several Potain MCR 225 cranes, which the company purchased previously.

The Rhythm Sukhumvit 36-28 residential project is due for completion by early 2017.

Cranes Explained

CranesY - 24. January 2016 - 12:59

A crane, which is equipped with a derrick or tower, is used to lower and lift materials with the use of pulleys and cable. Heavy equipment manufacturers and the construction industry use cranes in various activities connected with their process.

Cranes used in the construction industry are mostly temporary structures either mounted on a vehicle which is built for the specific purpose of carrying the crane, or fixed to the ground. Cranes may be controlled by various methods such as radio control, infrared control or a built in control station using a push button pendant or by an operator sitting in the cab of the vehicle.

A standardized hand signal is used between the person operating the controls and the workers in the ground. Bigger installations use radio communication for this purpose. Loads can be positioned with great precision using such signals by experienced crew of the crane. Crane vessels or ships often carry the largest revolving cranes. For more info visit [http://www.just-cranes.info]

It is a surprise to note from the carved stone relief in Haterii’s tomb of 1st century Rome, which depicts a monument being built with a sort of crane, that cranes were used in medieval shipyards and ports in Poland.

The various types of cranes in common use are railroad cranes, mobile cranes, telescopic cranes, tower cranes, truck-mounted cranes, rough terrain cranes, crawler cranes, loader cranes, floating cranes, gantry cranes and aerial cranes.

A crane mounted on a railroad car or on a flatcar is known as railroad crane. Mobile cranes are the most basic and common type of crane, which as the name implies, can be carried easily to any place. Tower cranes are fixed to the ground. These are mostly used in buildings for the best combination of lifting capacity and height. A telescopic crane is capable of lifting lower capacity but can reach greater heights.

To provide greater mobility, a crane will be mounted on a carrier truck and is known as a truck-mounted crane. Whereas the rough terrain cranes, which are mounted on four rubber tires, are capable of pick and carry operations in rough terrain. Crawler cranes are mounted on a set of tracks with an undercarriage and have better stability and mobility.

A suspended crane or overhead crane is used mostly inside factories and they are capable of carrying very heavy loads. In automated and computer controlled warehouses, a stacker crane with a forklift is used.
During bridge or port construction, floating cranes are used. To load or offload awkward or heavy machinery floating cranes are ideal. They are also used in offshore work. Aerial cranes, which are extended from helicopters, are used to lift large loads.

The design of cranes is based on two major considerations. First is to lift specified mass, the second is its stability, and it should not topple over while performing lifting operations.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/314888

Maxim Crane Goes Big in 2016

CranesY - 24. January 2016 - 12:25

Maxim Crane, the largest crane rental company in North America, isn’t waiting for the future to take delivery of new, large capacity crawler cranes. They feel the future is NOW and have started taking delivery of several 400 ton to 825 ton size crawler cranes. Maxim has added over a dozen new cranes in the high capacity crane class in what is already the largest fleet of its size in the USA. They will have received delivery of an additional (6) 400 ton class machines and (6) 825 ton machines by the end of Q1, 2016 and every one of the cranes was shipped directly to working projects around the country.

“We are pleased to be coming off of the most successful year in our company history and recognized the current need of our strategic partners requiring large capacity premier lifting cranes right now,” said Bryan Carlisle, CEO of Maxim Crane. “Our ability to meet with key customers on a regular basis continuously allows us to identify these needs ahead of time and keeps a constant flow of new equipment coming into our fleet,” he added.

“Maxim has always focused on strong relationships with the crane manufacturers. We recognize and work with the strongest European and US Crane manufacturers on a regular basis to help determine what the industry needs and identify who has the most versatile products for our customers when making our capex decisions,” added Frank Bardonaro, President of Sales for Maxim. “With our true coast-to-coast footprint, it is critical that we are able to strategically position attachments, components, parts and qualified technicians throughout the country. The addition of the (5) new Manitowoc 16000’s and (8) of the new VPC Class of crawlers right now, rather than waiting, has given our customers a tremendous advantage and multiple options for their complex lifting operations,” added Bardonaro. “We felt that by taking delivery of these new cranes now and in addition to the new cranes planned over the next several years, Maxim will be able to remain ahead of the curve and not waiting for new products to be introduced and tested over the next few years,” he added.

“Maxim has been extremely focused on the specialized needs of our customers in the heavy lift and rigging sector,” stated Rob Schultz, VP of the Crawler division. “We have been looking at the new VPC design for years and felt that it would provide our customers with better lifting solutions on projects where site access and ground preparation were critical to the project. Although we looked at some of the new products that may be available in 2017 or 2018 from some of the European manufacturers, we knew we had a need for these cranes now and felt that the current engineering and support offered from Manitowoc offered the best solution and product available in the market,” he added.

“Our fleet and service combined with our focus on safety has positioned Maxim as a preferred vendor to the most performance and safety focused projects and customers in the world,” added Carlisle. “As part of our continuous improvement strategy, we look forward to participating with manufacturers and customers as well as other industry professionals to ensure that we are re-investing in the best products the world has to offer,” said Carlisle. “We are excited to continue to offer our customers with new equipment, improved service and a constant focus on safety. Our investment in training our people and purchasing new equipment will ensure that Maxim Crane and our customers stay ahead of the market in every aspect,” he concluded.

Orion SLM Delivers Two Cranes To Jamaica

CranesY - 24. January 2016 - 12:20

Transport firm Orion Specialised Logistics Management has delivered two heavy-lift cranes from Tampico, Mexico, to Kingston, Jamaica.

The consignment weighed 2,750 tons and included a Liebherr LR1200 and a Sany SCC2000 hydraulic crawler crane.

Delivery took four weeks with Orion SLM managing all custom and documentation requirements at the origin and destination, receiving the cargo at the port of origin as well as insurance and tracking.

The Liebherr LR1200 – pictured above on a project in the U.S. – has a lifting capacity of 250 tons and compact dimensions with a transport width of 3 meters. The crane is suitable for a wide range of applications from common lifting and assembly to clamshell and dragline operations.

The SCC2000 has a maximum lifting capacity of 210 tons and simple self-assembly and self-disassembly capability along with a Rexroth/Kawasaki hydraulic system complying with Euro III Emission Standard. The crane has a maximum boom extension of 85.5 meters.

Orion SLM is a non-vessel-operating common carrier and, in addition to project cargo capabilities, also provides outsourcing options for a range of logistics services associated with out-of-gauge cargo. The firm is headquartered in Medley, Florida.

Protea supplies three cranes for Martin Linge field FSO

CranesY - 24. January 2016 - 12:17

Proteahas recently completed the manufacture of a comprehensive crane package for an FSO that will be chartered by Total E&P Norge for operation at the Martin Linge offshore development.

Comprising two deck cranes, a 10t SWL turret service crane and a 5t Knuckle boom crane, and a 15t SWL offshore knuckle boom for cargo loading and offloading operations, the cranes recently completed their factory acceptance tests at Protea’s state-of-the-art production facility in Kluczbork, Southern Poland.

“Drawing on our extensive track record of delivering cranes for offshore platforms, we have worked closely with our strategic partner Westcon Lofteteknikk AS and their client Knutsen NYK Offshore Tankers to develop and deliver a turnkey crane package for the FSO conversion,” Graham Manning, Protea’s global sales manager, said. “By configuring our proven Proteus design to meet their specific requirements, we were able to provide a crane package that was both technically and commercially attractive.”

Designed and certified in accordance with EN 13852-1:2013, DNV LA 2.22:2013 and Norsok Standards, each crane features 360 degree slewing, high performance lifting capabilities and is built to the highest standards of quality and safety.

Following completion of extensive testing at Protea’s manufacturing facility, the cranes will be delivered to the Remontowa Shipyard in Poland where they will be installed by Protea’s experienced commissioning team.

“We are delighted to have been able to play our part in the FSO conversion that is being completed in Poland and look forward to the cranes being operational later in 2016,” Tomasz Paszkiewicz, Protea’s managing director, added.

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115 years and still going

Crane hire news - 22. January 2016 - 18:38
Italian truck mounted lift manufacturer GSR has been recognised for achieving 115 years in business

Jib option for ALE super heavy cranes

International Cranes - 22. January 2016 - 17:00
International heavy lift and transport specialist ALE is building a heavy duty jib, up to 100 metres long, for its AL.SK 190 and AL.SK350 super heavy lift cranes

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Ardent the new name for Fork Rent and One Call

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Ardent Hire Solutions is the name of the combined Fork Rent and One Call Hire companies

Three\s a crowd

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A photo sent by a reader has the title “Three Burks” and shows three painters clearly safety aware but....