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Liebherr’s heavy equipment focus

International Cranes - 6. November 2014 - 21:57
Large excavators, and loaders will be shown alongside a 300 tonne capacity all-terrain crane

Global construction equipment industry to gather in Shanghai

International Cranes - 6. November 2014 - 21:30
With nearly 3,000 exhibitors from 40 countries expected to take part, this year’s Bauma China 2014 promises to be a major event for the global construction equipment industry

New cranes from Sany

International Cranes - 6. November 2014 - 20:45
Latest products include the 600 tonne capacity SAC6000 all-terrain crane for wind farm work

New flat-top Potain tower cranes

International Cranes - 6. November 2014 - 20:42
Manitowoc will launch two new Potain flat top tower cranes at Bauma China

"Sarens" von DUDU am 06.11.2014 um 20:34 Uhr

KranForum - 6. November 2014 - 20:34
Antwort von DUDU im Board "Kranvermietung"

"Terex-Demag Krane" von Kranfahrer-Meik am 06.11.2014 um 20:14 Uhr

KranForum - 6. November 2014 - 20:14
Antwort von Kranfahrer-Meik im Board "Kranhersteller"

"Sarens" von Kranfahrer-Meik am 06.11.2014 um 20:12 Uhr

KranForum - 6. November 2014 - 20:12
Antwort von Kranfahrer-Meik im Board "Kranvermietung"

Green Access opens in Telford

Crane hire news - 6. November 2014 - 19:24
A new name in the UK powered access market? Green Access Platforms – has opened a depot in Telford

Four Hinowas for MBS

Crane hire news - 6. November 2014 - 18:03
MBS Access has taken delivery of four Hinowa spider lifts, including its first battery powered unit

Profits slip at Mills

Crane hire news - 6. November 2014 - 15:50
The access division of Brazilian based Mills has reported a fall in revenues and profits for the third quarter

PASMA Tower Week

Crane hire news - 6. November 2014 - 11:37
The UK based mobile access tower association PASMA is holding its national Tower Week campaign next week.

Premiere für den Boom Booster

Arbeitsbühnen news - 6. November 2014 - 11:35
Der niederländische Krandienstleister Sarens hat beim Bau von Hollands größter Windparkanlage erstmalig seinen 1.600-Tonnen-Raupenkran CC8800-1 mit Boom Booster eingesetzt.

And the award goes to...

Crane hire news - 6. November 2014 - 11:18
A reader has sent in a picture of American actor Sean Penn stranded in a boom lift on the set of his latest film.

Better quarter for Ramirent

Crane hire news - 6. November 2014 - 9:08
Ramirent the Finnish international rental group has reported slightly improved results for its third quarter

120 t telescopic crawler crane from SENNEBOGEN

CranesY - 6. November 2014 - 8:22

With the new SENNEBOGEN 6113, the Lower-Bavarian crane manufacturer present its biggest telescopic crawler crane yet. 120 t safe working load, a proven boom concept, and the high level of flexibility characterize the new SENNEBOGEN. With the 6113 the company, headquartered in Straubing, Germany, extends the maximum safe working load of its telescopic cranes upwards by 50%.

With more than 20 years of experience with mobile and crawler telescopic machines, SENNEBOGEN, has successfully established itself on the international market. Around the world, customers from the construction industry and crane rental companies trust the reliability of the SENNEBOGEN telescopic cranes. Today with the current product range from 8 t to 80 t safe working load, SENNEBOGEN already reliably covers an broad field of work applications, for which the telescopic crawler cranes, in particular, offer many advantages for the lifting, moving, and positioning of large loads. The new SENNEBOGEN 6113 with a safe working load of 120 t is an extremely interesting solution for many crane rental companies and construction companies.
Flexible and fast in use: Full-Power Boom

The key advantage of the machine is the strong telescopic boom of the SENNEBOGEN 6113. This is – as is the case for all machines of this series – designed as Full-Power boom. Thanks to multi-cylinder technology, this maintenance-free system enables continuous telescoping and is always friction-locked. The machine can be set to any desired boom length variably and quickly per joystick. This saves time and permits effective work, particularly when boom lengths alternate in implementation. For one-cylinder systems the boom elements must be individually bolted in a complex arrangement, with the 6113, the boom can work variably and quickly at any length.
Large work range thanks to excellent mobility

Thanks to a length of 40 m, the crane covers a large work area. With fly boom and lattice boom extensions boom heights up to 70 m are achieved. However the real implementation area of the machine becomes clear when the machine moves with 100% of the load and thus promptly serves ever expansive implementation sites. Even in rough terrain, the SENNEBOGEN 6113 is impressive with its excellent maneuverability. Tasks to max. 4 degree inclined position are possible; this can only be achieved through the particularly robust construction of the boom. The 8 m long heavy duty traveling gear elements with up to 900 mm wide base plates, on one hand, ensure the customary low ground pressure, and on the other hand, the best possible stability, also due to the undercarriage that can be telescoped out to a track width of 5.40 m.

Minimal spatial requirements – versatile in implementation
In direct comparison with other crane concepts, telescopic crawler crane is also convincing in terms of space requirements and versatility. Particularly relative to AT and RT cranes, the telescopic crawler crane requires more than 30% less space, and thus demonstrates its advantages on narrow construction sites. Via the robust boom the machine has proven itself, not just as a crane with lifting tasks, but also in dynamic implementation, special underground engineering applications, and applications with hydraulically powered implements, such as vibrators. The implementation versatility is rounded out in combination with an elevating work platform with a load-bearing capacity of up to 1,000 kg. Thus the use range of the machine is extended with deployments in the areas of demolition and re-naturation, but also for maintenance and service tasks in each and every terrain.

Convenient to operate – easy to transport
For the driver, the Maxcab comfort cab with sliding door, which can be inclined 20 degrees, offers excellent ergonomics and an excellent overview. Typical for SENNEBOGEN is the optional possibility of designing the cab with 2.70 m height-adjustability, in order to maintain the unique overview and safety advantages. An extensive safety package with LED headlights and surround cameras supports the driver in every work situation. For crane rental companies the easy transport is a particularly important advantage. With the aid of the innovative self-assembly system of the Starlifter telescopic undercarriage, the machine can be set-up in a few steps, within a short time. The SENNEBOGEN 6113 is easy to maneuver on the construction site, as well as it makes it easy to load. When the traveling gear is dismounted the transport width is reduced to 3.00 m.
Modern and clean engine technology – economical in consumption

As a telescoping crane of the new E-series, the SENNEBOGEN 6113 meets TIER 4f emission standards thanks to the powerful 168 kW Deutz engine combined with a soot particle filter and a cutting-edge exhaust aftertreatment system. In addition, the machine offers significant energy savings in Eco Mode, operating at a reduced engine speed. The new SENNEBOGEN SENCON control and diagnostics system offers a clear presentation of all operating parameters and easy, intuitive user control, as well as the ability to fine-tune machine performance and and easily and quickly process error messages. In addition, the load moment limitation system can be easily and reliably monitored. In addition, the 6113 also sets standards in the areas of maintenance and ease of service. A central lubrication point for all pivot points and the slewing ring reduces the required amount of service effort, optimizes accessibility to service points and important components, and saves time is daily operation.

The SENNEBOGEN 6113 E-Series – in summary
Compact and powerful: Maximum safe working loads up to 120 t, maximum boom length of 67 m
Full-Power Boom: 4-piece telescopic boom, always friction fit, extremely robust design, variable hydraulic telescoping via joystick (no 1-cylinder step procedure), length 40 m
Versatile and flexible in use: Robust telescoping crawler undercarriage with high stability, movement under 100% load, tasks to 4° incline and dynamic implementations are possible.
Easy transport – fast operability: 3 m transport width, easy self-assembly system of crawler tracks, low space requirements in use
Efficient: Powerful and efficient 168 kW Cummins diesel engine, exhaust aftertreatment in accordance with Tier 4f
Intuitive operation: SENCON control and diagnostics system for clearly laid-out and intuitive user control

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SmartGrip in High Demand

CranesY - 6. November 2014 - 8:17

After the launch of SmartGrip in June 2014, many customers expressed their interest in this innovative technology. In the meantime, several cranes all over the world have already been equipped with SmartGrip, which stands for more turnover, less stress and zero overloads. This technology for optimised grab filling rates is not only available for new cranes but also suitable for retrofits of existing cranes.

In order to increase productivity, Port Polnocny in Poland decided to install SmartGrip in two existing LPS 600s which are also fitted with Pactronic. In Senegal, two LHM 550s will soon start operation for Necotrans. The installation of SmartGrip allows for highly efficient bulk operation without overloads.

Due to the strong interest from its customers, Liebherr expects several new SmartGrip installations in new and existing mobile harbour cranes in the near future.

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Hack’s Grove GMK6400 sets the bar high on first lift in Germany

CranesY - 6. November 2014 - 8:13

Lifting 5 t loads at an 86 m radius in the middle of a city is a tall order for most cranes – but for Grove’s GMK6400, it’s just a routine job. In this particular case, the job was completed by Hack GmbH, one of Germany’s leading heavy lift and transport specialists, which was testing out its new GMK6400 all-terrain crane for the first time.

The job was in Koblenz, Germany, where the crane lifted construction materials onto the roof of a 60 m tall building. To do this, the GMK6400 was configured with 55 m of boom and a 79 m luffing jib. Complicating matters on the narrow, tree-lined job site was the fact the jib had to be rigged in mid-air to avoid damaging the recently resurfaced road.

Despite these challenges, Hack finished the job in just two days and has since completed many more projects with its Grove GMK6400, much to the delight of company owner Udo Hack.

“Our new Grove went to work immediately and its first job threw us into the deep end – but it went perfectly and the crane has now completed several other challenging lifts across the region,” he says. “The GMK6400 is fast to erect, easy to use, and can perform lifts that few other cranes of this size can complete. I am delighted with how busy the crane is.”

Following the arrival of Hack’s 400 t capacity GMK6400 in the summer, the crane has been in near-constant use. Jobs include wind turbine maintenance and erection, tower crane assembly, and large radius lifts on inner-city sites.

At the job site in Koblenz, the Grove GMK6400 was accompanied by just four trucks. Upon arrival, the crane was fitted with its full 135 t counterweight before the self-rigging MegaWingLift attachment was installed, which increases the crane’s capacity by 70%. Then the GMK6400 assembled its own jib at ground level. Supported by flat-bed trucks, the jib sections were connected and the full 79 m extension was raised. Finally, the crane’s 60 m boom was extended to 55 m, giving it a huge 134 m reach.

In this configuration, the GMK6400 completed the lifts in no time and, the next day, it moved on to a nearby wind farm where it lifted 13.6 t turbine components at heights of more than 80 m.

Having sold more than 50 units in just a year since its launch, the GMK6400 is one of the most popular cranes in the current Grove range. When working at its maximum reach of 134 m, the crane can perform lifts not possible with any other six-axle, or even seven-axle crane.

With more than 50 years in business and 45 cranes in its fleet, Hack is a leader in crane rental, heavy transport and oil spill removal. The company’s crane fleet ranges from special indoor units to huge 500 t capacity mobile cranes, which it supplies to projects across Germany and surrounding markets.

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Sennebogen crane builds harbour wall from pontoon

Cranes Today - 6. November 2014 - 5:59
German construction company Aug. Prien is using a Sennebogen 6130 HD duty cycle crawler crane on a pontoon at a harbour in Hamburg.

First MLC165 for Mexico’s plastic industry

Cranes Today - 6. November 2014 - 5:55
A Manitowoc MLC165 heavy-duty crawler crane has been sold into the Mexican market for the first time, to service the country’s growing petrochemical industry.

Liebherr truck-mounted crane provides travelling benefits

Cranes Today - 6. November 2014 - 5:50
German company Würzburger Kranverleih und Bergedienst has added a Liebherr LTF 1045-4.1 truck-mounted telescopic crane on a Volvo chassis to its fleet.