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Tower Crane Pad Gives Way

Crane Accidents - 13. July 2014 - 22:25
 Vienna, Austria

A tower crane crashed onto the roof of apartment block in Vienna on Saturday after part of the slab it was sitting on broke away.

Tower Pad Gives Way 7-18-2014 2-14-34 PM





















The cracked base caused the free standing tower to fall into the building

Tower Pad Gives Way 7-18-2014 2-14-34 PM2


















The crane’s counterweight crashed through the roof

Tower Pad Gives Way 7-18-2014 2-14-34 PM3




















The corner of the concrete pad cracked

The crane’s back-mast and top counterweight crashed through the roof into the apartment below – the emergency services evacuated 18 people form the building and an adjoining block and thankfully no one was hurt in the incident. The crane was recovered and removed by late on Saturday allowing repairs to begin.

Tower Pad Gives Way 7-18-2014 2-14-34 PM4






















A photo taken the day after indicates a void under the pad

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Pierluigi Guarneri 1964-2014

Crane hire news - 13. July 2014 - 11:58
Pierluigi Guarneri, founder and owner of Italian rental group Eurotecno has passed away, age 50

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Cranes & Access now online

Crane hire news - 11. July 2014 - 21:16
The latest digital issue of Cranes & Access is now available online to read or download.

Crane Rental Corporation lifts hub of Orlando Eye

International Cranes - 11. July 2014 - 18:22
Crane Rental Corporation is involved in the installment of the new Orlando Eye observation wheel. Last month they lifted the hub into place.

New technical director for FLGS

Crane hire news - 11. July 2014 - 15:57
FLG Services the lifting equipment sales, rental and service has appointed Tony Longmire as technical director.

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2x SENNEBOGEN 825 Electro for scrap handling at Vasker Plusz in Hungary

CranesY - 11. July 2014 - 8:41

Two new SENNEBOGEN 825 Electro machines are revolutionizing material handling for the Hungarian scrap dealer, Vasker-Plusz. Electrically driven, the two stationary machines, each with a reach of 14, conveniently cover an area of approximately 1,000 m².

Vasker-Plusz Kft, founded in 1989, procures scrap and recycling materials from Eastern Hungary and sorts and processes these materials at the Békés site, approximately 190 km east of Budapest. In the course of restructuring the scrapyard, the entire material flow on the site was reorganized. Previously the firm worked with several mobile material handling excavators, now the firm relies on two stationary material handling machines from SENNEBOGEN. Equipped with a powerful 110 kW electric motor and special material handling kinematics, the machines are ideally equipped for charging the shredder system and for sorting and loading. A crucial design criterion for the machines was the low cost of operation offered by an electric power train, as compared to conventionally driven machines. The company plans to generate the energy required by the machines itself, directly on site with photovoltaic elements – an impressive example of the practical harmony of economy and ecology.

Designed with a stable 4-point underframe and 10 t ballasting, the two 825 machines are not only particularly stable, but thanks to a range of 14 m for each machine, they also cover an area of approximately 1,000 m². In this regard, one machine sorts and loads the material with a 600 l multi-shell grab, the second machine continuously charges the scrap metal shears and the shredder with a capacity of 25 t per hour.

For the operator the comfortable maXcab offers an ideal overview and an unobstructed view of the work area, thanks to the elevated position. In addition to robust design, and high reliability, the responsible persons particularly praise the easy accessibility for maintenance and service. The entire machine is elevated by 4 m with a mast, and two color cameras with a large monitor guarantee safe work. In addition, the perimeter galleries and railings offer unrestricted, safe access. According to the responsible persons, SENNEBOGEN is known in Hungary for its good quality and the fast service. With the Sales and Service Partner, Kuhn Rakodógép, the SENNEBOGEN specialists are quickly on site if there is a requirement.

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Universal Cranes to represent Grove rough-terrain and industrial cranes in UK

CranesY - 11. July 2014 - 8:38

As of July 1, Universal Cranes, a division of The Crowland Cranes Group, will be the exclusive UK dealer for the entire range of Grove rough-terrain and Yardboss industrial cranes.

Established in the 1960s, Crowland has worked with Manitowoc for many years and has a strong and successful working relationship with Manitowoc’s UK team. The company has established itself as a comprehensive crane supply and service company, and is regarded as the UK’s largest independent crane repair company.

Peter Issitt, managing director of Crowland, says becoming Grove’s official dealer is a natural development that will mutually benefit both businesses.

“We have the people and the facilities, Grove has the products – this mix has worked for years and our official partnership will pave the way for more successes long into the future,” he says. “Our work with Grove has grown dramatically over the past five years, and this is the next step to further develop our potential, while helping to enhance Grove’s excellent brand in the UK.”

Crowland will sell Grove’s entire range of rough-terrain cranes, which offer capacities between 30 t and 135 t, and Yardboss industrial cranes, which range from 8.1 t to 22 t.

Steve Barnett, commercial director at Manitowoc UK, is delighted to make Crowland an official Grove partner.

“We’ve had strong relationship for a long time and I’m delighted to make this official,” he added. “Our work together has increased recently and I am confident that things will only get better. Universal’s good customer base within the industrial sector will help capture more opportunities for our RT and Industrial products.”

Through branches in Peterborough and Bury St Edmunds, Crowland provides a comprehensive range of services to UK crane users. Its 45 experienced staff members provide sales, rental, on-site servicing, training, repair and refurbishment services.

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Dual Grove GMK7550s lift historic relics for Smithsonian museum

CranesY - 11. July 2014 - 7:28

The nation’s capital is home to the world’s largest museum and research complex – The Smithsonian Institution. Made up of nearly 20 separate museums and nine research centers, the organization houses some of the country’s most prized artifacts, including priceless works of arts and dinosaur bones. It’s safe to say that any time the Smithsonian calls for something to be lifted, it requires the utmost in precision planning and flawless lifting.

W. O. Grubb was recently contacted for such a project. Tasked with a complex lift for the Smithsonian’s new National Museum of African American History and Culture, the company chose two Grove GMK7550s for a dual lift to ensure the project was completed with the best tools for the job.

The lifts took place immediately adjacent to the National Mall. The first lift was to place a nearly 50 USt railway car that was so large, it had to be put in place before construction of the museum could be completed around it.

The lift took place on Constitution Avenue, next to the National Mall and in view of the Washington Monument. The road was closed and the two Grove cranes moved in to set the shrink-wrapped railway car into a 6o ft deep construction pit. The two cranes were on opposite sides of the 80 ft railway car, which was rigged with two straps on each side with 10 ft spreader beams. The straps were connected to beams underneath the car to avoid damage from hooking to it directly. It was then lowered in place to the sound of applause from onlookers.

The GMK7550 is Grove’s largest all-terrain crane. It can lift up to 550 USt and has a 197 ft Megaform boom. The crane features Megatrak suspension on a seven-axle carrier, a removable rear outrigger box, an Allison automatic transmission and a Twin-Lock boom pinning system. When rigged with an 82 ft to 259 ft luffing jib and inserts, the crane can achieve a maximum tip height of 430 ft.

Stephen Dieren, project manager for W. O. Grubb, said the project was unique and required an equally unique setup.

“A key challenge of the project was getting the ground bearing pressures correct for the two Grove all-terrain cranes,” he said. “They were both set approximately 60 ft from the construction pit to achieve the optimum pressures.”

As they lifted the railway car, the two Grove cranes performed like mirror images of each other, a testament to the careful planning and execution of a lift that could not go wrong under any circumstance.

The second lift involved placing a guard tower into the pit that was used in the 1930s at Angola, the Louisiana State Penitentiary, which was known as one of the worst in the country. A 17.5 USt concrete tower and corrugated steel roof made up the tower that was lifted into the pit by a single Grove GMK7550.

“Months of planning and days of prep work were put in to execute this job,” Dieren said. “Everything went beautifully.”

W.O. Grubb Crane Rental is based in Richmond, Virginia, and is one of the premier providers of crane rentals, rigging, heavy hauling, major projects and steel erection in the Mid-Atlantic region. The company is family owned and operated, and has multiple locations in Virginia, Maryland and other surrounding states.

In 2013 the company added several new Manitowoc-made cranes to its fleet, including two 300 USt Manitowoc 2250 crawler cranes, a 165 USt Grove GMK 5165 all-terrain crane and a couple of 60 USt Grove TMS760E truck crane, among others.

“Grove Cranes are fine pieces of machinery and have strong lift charts,” Dieren said.

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New Liebherr mobile cranes – BKL Baukran Logistik invests in new site

CranesY - 11. July 2014 - 7:20

An order has been placed for six new Liebherr mobile cranes with load capacities between 45 and 200 tonnes by BKL Baukran Logistik GmbH. They will be stationed at the new site in Ingolstadt and will be available for a very wide range of hoisting work in the future. Site Manager Rainer Speich visited the Liebherr plant in Ehingen at the beginning of June to take delivery of an LTC 1045-3.1 and an LTM 1130-5.1.

BKL Baukran Logistik opened its fourth site in June 2014. In addition to its sites in Munich, Frankfurt and Hanover, BKL now also has a presence in the centre of Bavaria, in Ingolstadt. The new site in Ingolstadt will specialise in mobile cranes and logistics and will initially be equipped with six new Liebherr mobile cranes, an MK 88 mobile construction crane with extended LM3 load capacity curve and its own trucks.

Three of the six mobile cranes have already been delivered – firstly an LTM 1060 3.1, the new 60-tonner from Liebherr which was first unveiled at the Bauma 2013 in Munich. It was followed in June by an LTC 1045-3.1 and an LTM 1130 5.1 which were collected by BKL Site Manager Rainer Speich from the Liebherr plant Ehingen. Before the end of this year the company will also receive an LTM 1095 5.1, an LTM 1100-5.2 and an LTM 1200-5.1.

BKL Baukran Logistik ordered the LTM 1100-5.2 with VarioBase®, the innovative, unique support system from Liebherr. With its variable support base, VarioBase® is the first system to enable safe crane operations with any support base. In addition VarioBase® also provides higher load capacities and a larger working area when its supports are at maximum setting. Rainer Speich explains, “The variable support base enables us to offer our customers in and around Ingolstadt increased and therefore better load capacity values in the 100-tonne class even in constricted conditions. We also regard this purchase as a further investment in crane safety which is of paramount important for us at BKL.”

Model-maker Conrad from Kalchreuth also received an order when the fourth BKL site was opened – Conrad has been requested to make models of the LTC 1045-3.1 crane in its BKL livery. With this in mind Christine Conrad was also welcomed to the plant during Rainer Speich’s visit to the Liebherr plant in Ehingen. She presented the first model in BKL livery.

Conrad launched the LTC 1045-3.1 model at the Bauma in 2013. Conrad has now produced models of a total of over 100 different Liebherr machines. These include 23 mobile crane models manufactured by Liebherr-Werk Ehingen GmbH. The first of these models was the LT 1120 in 1975. The LTM 1030/2 is high up on the list of best-selling special finish models – a total of 62 versions of it have been produced.

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Crane Topples in Newtown

Crane Accidents - 10. July 2014 - 22:56
Newtown, Australia

Chaos on a busy inner-Sydney street has been narrowly avoided after a crane toppled on a construction site on Friday afternoon. Police say the crane was driven into a ditch, causing it to fall at the site on Alice Street in Newtown.

Crane Topples 7-18-2014 2-37-20 PM













           A toppled crane narrowly avoided cars in Newtown on Friday.

“The operator was moving the crane when it has gone into a ditch, toppling and landing near the roadway,” a police spokeswoman said. The crane driver was not hurt and there were no other reports of injuries, she said.  WorkCover had been notified of the accident and local traffic diversions were in place.

Crane Topples 7-18-2014 2-37-20 PM2

One car damaged but luckily no-one injured

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Crane Collapse Kills Two, Injures Four

Crane Accidents - 8. July 2014 - 23:17
Haiphong City, Vietnam

A crane collapsed at a work site today (July 9) in Haiphong City, killing two workers and injuring four.

The Department of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs in Haiphong confirmed that the accident occurred at around 8:00 AM at the construction site of a bridge crossing the Lach Tray River in Hai Thanh Ward. The construction team was working on a 20-meter tall bridge beam when the crane suddenly fell onto the workers.

Two people died on the spot, while four others were seriously injured and transferred to hospital. The crane operator, one of the casualties, is said to have died instantly. Authorities and contractors quickly arrived to deal with the other panicked workers.

The construction site is under management of Civil Engineering Construction Corporation 8. Police are investigating.

Deadly Crane Collapse 7-10-2014 3-10-15 PM

















Deadly Crane Collapse 7-10-2014 3-10-15 PM2



















Deadly Crane Collapse 7-10-2014 3-10-15 PM3

















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Deadly Crane Collapse during Istanbul Airport Construction Kills One

Crane Accidents - 8. July 2014 - 23:08
Istanbul, Turky

An accident took place during the construction of the third airport in Istanbul, Turkish Haber7 TV channel reported on July 9.

A crane collapsed during the construction works and fell into a lake. One person was killed in the accident.

On June 7, Istanbul hosted the ceremony of laying the foundation of a new – the third airport of the city.

The agreement on the construction of the third airport of Istanbul was signed in May, 2013.

The tender for the airport’s construction was won by a consortium of the companies Limak, Kolin, Cengiz, MaPa, and Kalyon. The consortium offered 22.1 billion euros for participation in the project.

Earlier, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation of Turkish Transport, Maritime and Communications Ministry told Trend that the construction of this airport will cost 10 billion Turkish liras.

The third airport in Istanbul is being built near the Lake Terkos, north of the city. Initially, the airport will serve 90 million passengers a year, and in the future, this figure will rise to 150 million passengers.

The airport is expected to be one of the biggest in the world.

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Violent Storm Brings Down Tower Crane

Crane Accidents - 8. July 2014 - 22:10
 North Western Bavaria

An exceptionally violent storm in north western Bavaria, took down a tower crane along with a number of trees on Monday.

The brief storm in the region of Cham, including the towns of Rötz, Roding and Bad Kötzting also saw hail stones the size of tennis balls which caused exceptional damage on their own without the aid of the strong winds. While cars and property were seriously damaged, and trees were uprooted, we have not heard of any serious injuries. At least none were involved with the crane which was not working at the time it seems that the free standing counter-weighted crane appears to have simply blown over in the storm, coming down onto two or three parked trucks.

Storm Brings Down Tower Crane 7-10-2014 2-03-55 PM























The downed crane

Storm Brings Down Tower Crane 7-10-2014 2-03-55 PM2


















The storm simply overturned the crane at its base

Storm Brings Down Tower Crane 7-10-2014 2-03-55 PM3






















The crane came down onto at least two trucks












































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Excavator Pulls Crane Over

Crane Accidents - 8. July 2014 - 22:02
 Alberta, Canada

A Rough Terrain crane overturned at the end of May on an oil sands project north of Fort McMurray Alberta, Canada, while carrying out a tandem lift with an excavator.

The crane a Grove RT875E was lifting a piling casing and was in the process of lowering it to the horizontal with the aid of a John Deere 350G excavator. The excavator was hooked onto the bottom of the casing and was travelling backwards raising it as it moved, while the crane operator was lowering his end.

Excavator Pulls Crane Over 7-10-2014 1-58-49 PM












The overturned crane

It seems that the crane controls locked out – possibly due to a dynamic overload? But the excavator kept on going, pulling the crane over onto its side. There was no communication between the crane and excavator operators and no signalers or radios were in use.

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Boom Truck Shock

Crane Accidents - 6. July 2014 - 22:16
Halifax, Nova Scotia

A man was injured on Thursday after the boom truck he was operating touched overhead power lines in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Over 3,000 homes and businesses were left without power for several hours. The man, 48, was conscious when the emergency services arrived, but was rushed to hospital and said to be in a stable condition

Boom Truck Shock7-10-2014 2-13-00 PM
























The boom truck after the incident.

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Doolan’s Heavy Haulage: Excavator transport with Scheuerle trailer

Heavy haulage - 6. July 2014 - 21:31
Doolan’s Heavy Haulage has added the widening trailer transport system from German trailer manufacturer Scheuerle to its fleet. Recently the Australian heavy haulage company has used the new trailer system for the transport of a Hitachi excavator throughout the country. … Continue reading →

Can-do leadership

Wheco Crane repair - 30. June 2014 - 20:30
WHECO President Dave Wood stands in front of a 1940 era Badger crane tht was used in a rock quarry near WHECO's headquarters in Richland, WA. WHECO has five U.S.-based facilities and one in the Marshall Islands.

WHECO President Dave Wood stands in front of a 1940s era Badger crane that was used in a rock quarry near WHECO’s headquarters in Richland, WA. WHECO has five U.S.-based facilities and one in the Marshall Islands.

WHECO has been a major player in the product support realm of cranes for many years, and yet the company’s management team spends a lot of time explaining what they do. But when it comes time to repair an accident-damaged crane or restore and give new life to an older unit, WHECO is most often the company name that comes up.

“We specialize in the repair and remanufacture of equipment, with an emphasis on cranes,” said Dave Wood, WHECO president.  “We provide both engineered structural repairs to meet Federal OSHA requirements, and we have working relationships with many of the OEMs, and formal agreements with Manitowoc and Tadano America.  WHECO was one of the first structural repair companies to provide all the engineering and documentation with all its repairs.  We’ve negotiated complete crane rebuilds for both the military and private companies.”

Wood joined WHECO in December of 1986 after reconnecting with the company’s founder, Ron Williams.

“I had met Ron Williams several years earlier on a project my dad’s construction company was performing,” he recalled.  “Ron was on the BOD that owned the project. He later moved to the Tri Cities, where we reconnected. At the time I joined WHECO there were about five employees and the company specialized in hydraulic work. We started performing complete rebuilds of equipment for a private power line construction company and the military in the late 1980s. It was these two industries that led us into the crane world.

In 1994 Wood became a partner in WHECO and soon after was named president.

WHECO built its reputation early on as a can-do company, he said.

“We understood the need to get equipment back into the revenue-earning stream quickly and knew that many things that were currently being replaced could be safely and economically repaired,” he said. “We also understood the high liability side of the crane industry and from Day One documented everything we did.”

Wood said the WHECO team has a philosophy to not “bruise” the customer, but to offer them a viable alternative to just replacing the damaged component.

“We also earned a reputation within the insurance industry as a company that could work with both the insurance company and the insured to assure a timely and smooth return to service,” he said. “We believe in being very transparent in what we do and that was something new to a lot of people. Also I think it’s our team members that are more like a family and the fact they have the ability to react and grow as WHECO grows.”

ACT had the opportunity to catch up with Wood about WHECO, recent projects, the product support market place and what he likes about working in the crane business. What we discovered is that Wood is an engaging, thoughtful and passionate business man who cares very deeply about the crane industry, its people and quality.


Working with the OEMs and showing them we are really an asset to their product, not a liability. For years, and yes even today, there are repairs being performed that in all reality do not meet the OEM’s requirements or comply with Federal OSHA. WHECO has always performed its repairs with the cards face up on the table with full documentation of what we did or do. We have been repairing equipment for over 30 years and have learned a lot in that time. On the OEM side, this is a new avenue and the learning curve is long and hard for some cultures to change. That said we will continue to work at it and hopefully win them all over.


WHECO’s volume is up but you have to work harder and smarter to get the business and there is less margin in the work. When the ball rolled off the table in 2008 a lot of equipment was parked, and when a piece did have an accident it was many times just parked and replaced with another idle piece. We have seen a resurgence in the use of equipment but with guarded optimism. We attended Con Expo and were encouraged by the exuberance of the attendees. We have also broadened our scope in what we offer and expanded the type of customer we serve. We used to be geared more to the crane rental companies but now split that about evenly with the general contractors in the industry.


WHECO restored a 38-year-old 300-ton truck crane for mining work, giving it at least 20 years of working life.

WHECO restored a 38-year-old 300-ton truck crane for mining work, giving it at least 20 more years of working life.

We were contacted by one of the largest mining companies in the world about extending the life of a 38-year-old, 300-ton truck crane another 20 years. This crane is unique in that it can operate around the mine in full configuration with minimal support. A more modern crane takes more people and support equipment. The planning part of this project took almost two years of meetings until it was finally funded.

The mine crane was shipped to WHECO's Santa Fe Springs, CA facility where it was completely disassembled to a bare weldment.  The electrical, air and hydraulic systems were all updated or upgraded and a modern LMI system was installed.

The mine crane was shipped to WHECO’s Santa Fe Springs, CA facility where it was completely disassembled to a bare weldment. The electrical, air and hydraulic systems were all updated or upgraded and a modern LMI system was installed.

The crane was shipped to WHECO’s Santa Fe Springs, CA facility where it was completely disassembled to a bare weldment. Every weld on the crane was third-party inspected and documented to assure it was still structurally sound. All systems were completely rebuilt or replaced. The power and torque was increased in the carrier to give it better maneuverability and performance in the mine. The electrical, air and hydraulic systems were all updated or upgraded where possible. The crane was made more service and repair friendly, which the guys in the field appreciated and had some input on. Lastly a modern LMI system was installed.

The crane has been performing at the mine as hoped.

The crane has been performing at the mine as hoped.

The crane has been performing at the mine as hoped. This project has led other companies to take notice and contract with WHECO. We currently have two major crane remanufacture projects in our facilities and more being negotiated. With the replacement cost of new equipment many companies are exploring the remanufacture option if the return on investment works.



I tell Karen, my wife, I may never really retire as I enjoy the industry so much. I grew up in the construction business and heavy equipment has been part of my life since I was a young kid and it gets into your blood. I enjoy the daily challenges as there are never two that are the same and every time the phone rings this proves to be true. I enjoy the people and the relationships that I have made over the years. Some have become very close friends. In the big picture, this is really a small industry of very hard working and good people. I enjoy our team members as they are like family and some have been with us for many, many years.


Simple: “Honesty and Integrity.” This was instilled in me by my dad who built his construction company based on those simple two words. If you treat people like that you can sleep at night. This is not only the companies you work with and for but the people that work for and with you.


“Every Day is an Opportunity Disguised as a Challenge.” This is framed and on my desk. It speaks to the way I think and the first time I read it I had to put it in print. It keeps you balanced when things may not be going the way you wished or thought they should. My wife will tell you I am the eternal optimist.


My wife and I enjoy traveling and meeting new people and seeing new places. The Oregon Coast is our favorite place and we don’t get there enough. This business provides us with the opportunity to travel even though many times it is work related. We also enjoy our yard, kids and grandkids. My one vice is antiques and especially old toys. My office is lined with old antique toys, some over 100 years old. Most all are crane and construction related.



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