96 dealer for used mobile cranes

Every week we get a lot of inquiries for the purchase of used mobile cranes through our websites. Prospective buyers ask us for prices, details and locations of the mobile cranes listed on our websites (TDKv.com and FLEETfile.com). They presume that the information given would be sales offers for used cranes. So we probably could sell several used mobile cranes every single day.

Many of the people who call us for buying cranes are surprised and happy at first that we offer really EVERY type of mobile crane for sale. Unfortunately I always have to disappoint them by explaining that the crane specifications are for information purposes only and that these are no crane sales offers. Once we have clarified this, the next question always is about used crane dealer and where they can buy the wanted mobile crane.

List of dealer for new and used mobile cranes

Upon this request I always name two or three of the most known used crane companies that come to my mind. Most times I also give them phone numbers and other contact details from our database in order to give some support.

In order to give more support now to prospective buyers for used cranes - and also to make it more easy for us - I have updated our database of used crane dealer this week. Then I have prepared and published a comprehensive address list of currently 96 dealer for new and used mobile cranes on our website.

Here you will easily find an appropriate mobile crane dealer for your needs. Complete contact details and a link to the companies websites will allow you to get into contact quick and easily and inform yourself about real sales offers and requests for used cranes.

By the way, I'm always interested to enlarge the list and add new crane dealer to it. So if you think I have forgotten some companies please feel free to send me an email. I will add the missing crane dealer to our list with the next update.

Click here to visit our list of 96 dealer for new and used mobile cranes »

12. January 2012 in

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