Crane chart books since AmQuip...

My last post is already from some time ago. It was summer time and the crane chart book for AmQuip Crane Rental was just on the ship to be delivered. This blog appears as if nothing more has happened since then. Far from it! In the last months we were so busy that there was no time for blogging at all. We focused all our attention on the setup of crane chart books for several crane hire companies. Time for a little retrospective on the major projects we have finished in the last months.

Crane chart books we have delivered in the second half of 2010

In September the award for the busiest customer goes to Mammoet UK. In May 2009 we have delivered 4000 crane chart books in size DIN A6 to the UK. Only 16 months later they placed a second order for another 4000 crane chart books. That's what I call an exemplary manner of spreading crane chart books to customers. Due to the fact that it was an unaltered reprint, the delivery time was very short.

In October we received a very strictly scheduled order from Bavaria. Our task was the setup and printing of a completely new crane chart book for crane rental company Treffler based in Munich and Ingolstadt. The delivery had to be done until the beginning of December as they wanted to give the books as a christmas gift to their customers.

We also delivered a nice little pocketbook to the companies of the Lueder-Holding. Lueder consists of the crane and heavy haulage companies Longuet, Suenkler and Petersen in the North of Germany. They received their new crane chart books just in time for the BSK-Conference, which is the annual meeting of the German crane and heavy haulage association.

Only one delivery can be mentioned for November. This solitaire was delivered to MaxiKraft, a German crane hire company with several subsidiaries in the eastern part of Germany.

Another nice incident to mention was the fact that my friend Kenny from Bay Crane recommended our service once again to one of his friends. It therefore happened that we received another order for a crane chart book from one of the big players of the US crane rental business. With this order we put a first flag on our world map into the US-state of Kentucky. It's always nice to experience the decisiveness of US-customers. By the way, Kenny's book has also been overworked and delivered as a complete PDF-file in November.

December was, concerning to deliveries, the exact opposite of the month before. It was quite a marathon in deliveries. At first we delivered the crane chart books for Treffler to Munich and Ingolstadt - right on time! Also finally finished, printed and delivered in December were the new crane chart books for German crane hire company Bracht. They received a delivery of two different books. One version is showing the crane specifications of all of their telescopic cranes, the other shows the load charts and crane specifications for their lattice boom and crawler cranes. Both books comprise approximately 1800 pages of crane specifications and load charts for all sorts of mobile cranes.

A little bit more complex - due to customs restrictions - was the delivery of the new crane chart book for our first customer in Brazil. When he finally held the books in hand he was very happy about the result. He said: "Real Guindastes is now the first crane rental company in Brazil, which can offer a complete crane chart book to its customers." I hope that many more will follow ...

Several updates and additions are not mentioned in this listing as it would go beyond the scope of this post. But even if several projects are not named here I would like to thank all of our customers because they made 2010 to one of our most successful years in our history. In the 15 years of our existence we have never before finished and delivered more crane chart books and updates in one year. In the same way I would like to thank my colleagues as they made it possible to handle this immense number of tasks with their dedication. THANK YOU!

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