Crane load charts and corporate brochures 2012

Most of my posts in this blog are about new crane guides that we have prepared and printed for our crane hire customers. But this is only one part of your daily business. Another part of our work is corporate brochure design and printing as well as design and printing of crane load charts for crane hire companies. In the past I have blogged only sporadically about new printed corporate brochures. Mostly it's a lack of time why I don't introduce many of the corporate brochures to you. With this post I want to show you now a selection of the brochures and crane load charts that we have designed and printed for customers during this year:

Corporate brochure design and printing for Eineder towing service

Design and print of a corporate brochure for Eineder towing service Concerning brochures this year started with the design and printing of a corporate brochure for the crane and towing service Eineder from Ingolstadt in Germany. Eineder runs a fleet of telescopic cranes up to 120 tonnes lifting capacity. All of them are Tadano cranes. Especially for tow truck services they own the special crane and rescue vehicle BKF 40-4 from Tadano as you can see on the brochure cover. Beside mobile cranes Eineder runs several truck mounted knuckle boom cranes and low loaders for heavy haulage. For machine transports and assembly Eineder owns a fleet of fork lifts and assembly tools. The corporate brochure design is based on the website design of the towing service. In the end off course all advertising media shall have a unique layout so that all of them help to give a good distinction to the company appearance.

Corporate brochure and crane load charts for crane and towing service Bott

Design and print of a corporate brochure for Bott crane and towing service A second order for the design and printing of a corporate brochure came from the German towing service and crane company Bott. Bott is located in Bad Kreuznach. The customers wish for this brochure was to get a combination of a corporate brochure and basic mobile crane load charts. Also specifications for the heavy haulage trucks should be inserted. We were asked to use the corporate brochure that we've designed and printed for Gertzen crane service as guidance. The people from Bott saw this brochure and liked it very much. Bott offers crane hire service, heavy haulage and a specialised towing service. In order to give an imposing impression of the company service the new corporate brochure for Bott also shows lots of job pictures. So their customers literally get a picture of Bott's work.

Mobile crane load charts for Treffler and BKL Baukranlogistik

Mobile crane load chart for Tadano crane ATF 220G-5 In spring of this year we got a contact to the marketing department of Tadano cranes due to a shared customer. One of our customers, crane hire Treffler from Ingolstadt, had ordered a new Tadano crane. We were asked to setup the crane brochures which are commonly delivered for promotion with a new crane. As we've already delivered the complete crane guide for Treffler we received the order from Tadano to setup the supplement sheets for it. Due to this order we had several constructive talks about our work and service. As a result of these talks we received more orders from Tadano cranes. Once the load charts for Treffler were finished we had to prepare mobile crane load charts for the new ATF 110G-5, ATF 130G-5 and ATF 220G-5 for BKL. In this case the brochures were setup in the original manufacturer's design. Thus we've added the header and footer from the BKL crane guide to the original manufacturer brochure. The third Tadano order in short succession was the load chart brochure for the new ATF 220G-5 from Schmidbauer in Gräfelfing.

Cooperation with Tadano cranes for crane brochure setup

Setup of the crane brochure ATF 180G-5 US for Tadano cranesDuring the preparation of the crane load charts we started to talk about a further cooperation. Tadano is working with a local graphic designer for many years now. But in order to reduce work loads for their graphic designer the marketing people were looking for an additional provider of prepress services.

Together we found an agreement for a cooperation concerning design and setup of the Tadano crane brochures. So I'm very happy to say that we now officially work for one of the big crane manufacturers.

The first project we had to prepare was the imperial version of the new Tadano ATF 180G-5 for Tadano America. More imperial brochures for the US are already in preparation

Access platform brochure and flyer for Schares

At last we've delivered the new access platform brochure for crane and access hire Schares from Bocholt in Germany. I've already introduced this brochure in my last post. In the meantime we've started the setup for more flyers and brochure for Schares.

When you need a corporate brochure design, a mobile crane load chart or an access platform brochure you can find more information on our website. You can also take the short way and contact me. We are happy to send you some specimen of our work.

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