Customized crane load charts for IronPlanet

IronPlanet - Customized crane load charts The beginning of July saw the completion of another set of customized load charts for one of our customers. This time we haven't prepared and delivered the load charts for a crane hire company but for one of the major online marketplaces for used heavy equipment and cranes namely IronPlanet.

The first contact to the marketing people from IronPlanet in Dublin we had by late summer of last year. Their intention was to discuss the possibilities of offering customized crane specifications and load charts for the buyers of mobile cranes which are available for auction on the IronPlanet website.

For the preparation of a first load chart design we received the corporate manual including all guidelines concerning the use of the IronPlanet logo, brand colours and corporate typeface. During a revision we have overworked the design to the finally approved version.

While the layout process was on en route we have received a list of mobile cranes for which the load charts should be setup with first priority. The list included common telescopic mobile cranes, lattice boom cranes and crawler cranes made from Liebherr, Grove, Terex Demag and Sennebogen.

Though we have dimensioned drawings, working diagrams and load charts for about 400 cranes digitalized on our storage discs, there were actually a handful of cranes on the list which we haven't digitalized yet. So parallel to the layout process we started to prepare the raw data for the missing machines.

As usual we have sent all the load charts for review to Dublin not without having thoroughly proof read all of the charts. Once the charts were approved we have prepared PDF files for every single crane.

When the PDF creation is done the right way, website PDFs can pour in a number of additional visitors to your corporate website through search engine traffic.

For that reason we not only prepare simple PDF files of the load charts but we also give them a special treatment for search engine optimization. Off course we have also optimized the IronPlanet load charts before we have delivered them in the beginning of July.

About IronPlanet - Used heavy equipment auctions

IronPlanet is one of the big online auction marketplaces for selling and buying of used construction equipment, cranes, mining equipment, agricultural machines, trucks and other heavy equipment. In order to give the prospective buyer some safeness and a fair evaluation of the used equipment, IronPlanet inspects the machines on the sellers yard prior to offering them for auction on the website. After the inspection a detailed inspection report for the used equipment is available online.

Orders for customized crane load charts

This was the third order for customized crane load charts that we have delivered in 2013. I have given some impressions about the other deliveries here and here. A fourth set of customized load charts is in preparation and waits for me on my proof reading desk. Our next customer in the UK is full of expectation for it.

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