Summarized crane load charts

Last week we've made a substantial update in the FLEETfile, our database for mobile crane specifications and online crane hire directory.

Since November 2007 we already offer basic summarized crane load charts for numerous mobile cranes listed in the FLEETfile. Since then crane specifications for many different mobile cranes were added, but load charts where still missing for these new cranes. This gap is closed now. Last week we've added the summarized crane load charts for main boom configurations of nearly all current mobile cranes from the last years.

What are summarized crane load charts?

Summarized crane load charts show you the highest load capacity at every working radius for divers main boom configurations of each crane. Depending on the crane size FLEETfile offers you load capacities for up to eight different main boom configurations. The summarized crane load charts for the Liebherr crawler crane LR 1600/2 for example show you the load charts for the main boom / superlift configurations S, SL, SLD, SLDB, SLDBW, SD, SDB, SDBW.

Mobile crane calculator

Based upon the summarized load charts we offer you an easy to handle mobile crane calculator in the FLEETfile. This little tool allows you to make a basic selection of the right mobile crane for your lifting job in just four simple steps. Go to "Mobile cranes". Right below the main menu you find the mobile crane calculator.

  • Select the kind of crane you're looking for (or choose "all cranes")
  • Select the working radius from the drop-down menu
  • Enter your load in metric tonnes (incl. hook block and slings)
  • Click the button "Show results"

There you are! The list of cranes that fit best for your lifting job. The list shows you all those cranes that can lift your load at the given working radius and also the needed configuration / counterweight and the effective load the crane can lift. Off course our mobile crane calculator can't replace a job site inspection from a local crane hire specialist, but it gives you a quick orientation about the right mobile crane size for your lifting job. This orientation is even more substantial now with the newly added load charts as mentioned above.

About the FLEETfile offers you comprehensive specifications for more than 600 mobile cranes from many crane manufacturers. You can download complete PDF load charts for currently approx. 240 mobile cranes. Also available are contact information for approx. 6000 crane hire companies all over the world.

Both the crane specifications and the crane hire directory are connected to each other by bidirectional fleet- and owner lists. You can check which cranes one company offers for hire and you can also see which companies run a special type of mobile crane.

A simple online form offers the opportunity to publish used cranes for sale offers and inquiries quickly, free and unlimited. You don't need to fill in any specifications because they are already listed, one click away from your used crane sales offer.

In the same way you can publish up to date news and information about the listed mobile crane hire companies. Both features are free and unlimited. All it takes is to spend one minute of your time in order to register a free basic account. You don't know the FLEETfile yet?

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