Second load chart book for Burt Crane

Burt Crane load chart book 2011Only a few days after the delivery of Bay Crane's forth equipment guide we have also delivered new imperial crane guide to another US customer, Burt Crane & Rigging. The first issue of the crane guide for Burt Crane was delivered in December 2008.

New mobile cranes in the fleet of the US Crane Rental company made it necessary to update and print the second issue of the crane load chart book. The second crane guide for Burt Crane covers specifications and load charts for nine all terrain mobile cranes starting from a 55 US-tons Grove GMK 3050 up to a 250 US-tons Tadano Faun ATF 220G-5.

The additions made for the second issue of the crane guide are the Liebherr all-terrain crane LTM 1055-3.2 and the LTM 1090-4.1. To round up the update, several new pictures where added that show examples of lifting jobs completed by Burt Crane in the recent months.

US Crane Rental in Albany, New York

Burt Crane is located in Green Island, which is close to Albany, the capitol of the state of New York. The US Crane rental often has to do interesting lifting jobs in Albany. That's why the updated cover now shows a photo of the biggest crane in the fleet, the Tadano Faun ATF 220G-5, in front of the impressing old Delaware & Hudson Railroad Building in Albany:

"Few Railroads companies have built headquarters for themselves that could be taken for a state capitol, but that is exactly what some visitors to Albany assume the Delaware & Hudson and Albany Evening Journal complex to be – so imposing is its size, so dominant its tower, so rich its ornamentation, and so prominent its location at the foot of State Street."

Crane load charts as PDF for download

One part of our service always is to deliver free PDF-files of the prepared crane load charts once we have finished the setup of a load chart book. As crane rental company you can put it on your website in order to offer it for download to your customers.

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