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International Crane Rental Directory By the beginning of August we have published our latest updated mobile crane hire directory: The International Crane Rental Directory.

This is the tenth issue since we published it for the first time in 2002. Whenever you need to hire mobile cranes somewhere in the world, this crane hire directory will help you to find the best suitable mobile crane hire company for your job site and lifting needs.

As usual the crane hire addresses in the International Crane Rental Directory are listed in three separate sortings by name, location and ZIP-code. By that means you will find all mobile crane hire companies rather easy, no matter which one or where you are looking for one.

6000 mobile crane hire companies

As a dispatcher or lift planner you have to rely on good and quick information about possible partners for your lifting needs. The International Crane Rental Directory gives you a comprehensive listing of approx. 6000 mobile crane hire companies in more than 90 countries all over the world (On our website you find the complete listing of all of those countries).

For most of the addresses in our directory you will also find additional information about the services and the crane size each crane hire company offers. The tenth issue of our international mobile crane hire directory again is available as PDF file on CD-ROM. The PDF shows an extensive navigation and menu in order to give you quick access to those crane hire companies you actually need for your present and future lifting jobs.

When you don't want to wait for the delivery of the CD-ROM by mail, you can also purchase the International Crane Rental Directory directly in our download store on In our online store you can download the PDF file immediately after the processing of your payment.

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