The brand-new Gottwald AK 450

This week I made a visit to my former employer and now long term customer Franz Bracht crane hire in Erwitte. We had a talk about the updates that need to be done for the new load chart books that we are going to deliver soon. Beside additions of new crane load charts and updates the load chart books will get a complete makeover for the layout.

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Impressive generator transport with Bay Crane suspension beam

This week I have received some impressive heavy haulage pictures from Bay Crane, Long Island City. They recently made a generator transport with a suspension beam. The suspension beam was mounted on 2 x 15 axles lines of Goldhofer modular trailer. Bay Crane moved the unit with up to two Oshkosh HET (Heavy Equipment Transporter) prime movers and one Kenworth. The heavy transport had a total weight of 590 tons (metric).

I guess the pictures speak for itself:

Collett & Sons transport worlds fastest car

This heavy haulage job for Collett & Sons was not about massive weights or large dimensions. Nonetheless it was a very special transport which the UK haulage company from Halifax in West Yorkshire has realized.

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Terex Explorer 5800 and AC 250-1 All Terrain Cranes in difficult tandem lift

Terex Explorer 5800 and AC 250-1 All Terrain Cranes lift roof elementsLimited space and oversized loads – these were the two challenges that crane service provider Autojeřáby Malina had to overcome when lifting the steel roof structures for the new multi-purpose arena in the Czech town of Frydek-Místek.

The solution for this difficult task was a tandem lift with a Terex® Explorer 5800 and an AC 250-1 all terrain crane. "Jointly lifting a weight of around 28 tonnes is actually a relatively easy task for our two Terex cranes. But if the load is 30 meters wide and it is to be lifted from within a sports arena structure, precision is of utmost priority," commented Radek Malina, President of Autojeřáby Malina.

The job required cranes that were compact and agile enough to maneuver in very tight conditions and with the capacity and boom length up for the task. Within the stadium, the two Terex cranes moved effortlessly and precisely into position while being able to handle the prefabricated roof structures with ease.

Liebherr LR 11000 - First job for Felbermayr crawler crane

 Liebherr LR 11000 Crawler Crane from Felbermayr

Austrian crane hire and heavy haulage specialist Felbermayr recently brought to work the new Liebherr LR 11000 crawler crane for the first job.

The new crawler crane left the Liebherr works in Ehingen heading directly to the first job site close to Bucharest. The crane was ordered for the Petrom refinery in Plojesti in order to lift divers columns for the modernisation of the refinery.

The heaviest lift was a 58 meter long column with an actual weight of 335 tonnes. Initially the weight was specified with 280 tonnes.

But though the column was 55 tonnes heavier than planned the LR 11000 had enough reserve to place the metal cylinder safely and finish the lift with a gross weight of 357 tonnes at a working radius of 27,5 meters. For this lift Felbermayr has used a Liebherr LR 1750 as tailing crane.

Doolan's Heavy Haulage: Excavator transport with Scheuerle trailer

Doolan’s Heavy Haulage has added the widening trailer transport system from German trailer manufacturer Scheuerle to its fleet. Recently the Australian heavy haulage company has used the new trailer system for the transport of a Hitachi excavator throughout the country.

Doolan's Heavy Haulage from Australia with Hitachi excavator transport

Doolan's Heavy Haulage from Australia with Hitachi excavator transport on Scheuerle widening trailer

Liebherr LTM 1160-5.2 - Premiere at Conexpo, Las Vegas

Liebherr LTM 1160-5.2

With the Liebherr LTM 1160-5.2 a new 160 t telescopic crane had its debut at Conexpo in Las Vegas

Liebherr will be unveiling a new 160-tonne mobile crane on a five-axle chassis, the successor to the LTM 1160-5.1, at the Conexpo 2014 in Las Vegas. The load capacity of the new LTM 1160-5.2 has been increased by around 20-25% compared to its predecessor whilst the telescopic boom has remained at the same length of 62 m. The vehicle width has been reduced from 3 m to 2.75 m which means that not only it is easier to drive on public roads but also considerably better on constricted sites. The superstructure of the new LTM 1160-5.2 is powered by the engine in the crane chassis using a mechanical shaft. This makes the new 5-axle vehicle the second crane model to feature the innovative single-engine drive concept which Liebherr first presented at the Bauma 2013 for the LTM 1300-6.2.

Bay Crane equipment guide No. 5

Bay Crane equipment guide no. 5More than than six years ago, in March 2007, we have delivered the first issue of the equipment guide for our first ever crane rental customer from the United States. Now we have shipped the fifth updated and extended issue for this customer.

Bay Crane Northeast, headquartered in Long Island City, New York, in fact is one of our most active customers during the last years.

The U.S. crane rental company is steadily growing the number of cranes as well as the number of depots and locations. Meanwhile the crane company rents mobile cranes from five locations throughout the north-eastern states.

Due to the successful fleet expansion the people from Bay Crane have a great interest in continuously updated equipment guides.

They constantly use them as give-away and lift planning tool for new and existing customers.

Heavy Haulage Germany

The market for heavy haulage in Germany is maybe one of the most crowded and competitive heavy haulage markets in the world. A large number of big and small German heavy haulage companies compete for all kinds of heavy transport jobs. These jobs in many cases are arranged for the machine building industry, the steel building industry, for precast concrete components and many other objects that need to be moved by heavy transport.

Customized crane load charts for IronPlanet

IronPlanet - Customized crane load charts The beginning of July saw the completion of another set of customized load charts for one of our customers. This time we haven't prepared and delivered the load charts for a crane hire company but for one of the major online marketplaces for used heavy equipment and cranes namely IronPlanet.

The first contact to the marketing people from IronPlanet in Dublin we had by late summer of last year. Their intention was to discuss the possibilities of offering customized crane specifications and load charts for the buyers of mobile cranes which are available for auction on the IronPlanet website.

For the preparation of a first load chart design we received the corporate manual including all guidelines concerning the use of the IronPlanet logo, brand colours and corporate typeface. During a revision we have overworked the design to the finally approved version.

While the layout process was on en route we have received a list of mobile cranes for which the load charts should be setup with first priority. The list included common telescopic mobile cranes, lattice boom cranes and crawler cranes made from Liebherr, Grove, Terex Demag and Sennebogen.