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TDKv - The service provider for crane hire & access hire companies

We provide you with the best available equipment guides, corporate brochures and any other print works for your crane hire and access hire company for successful sales, advertising and acquisition. You also find useful information for planning of mobile cranes and access platforms:

  • Equipment guides: Since 1995 we prepare customized equipment guides, corporate brochures and branded load charts for crane hire companies. With our full service concept we have become the leading supplier for individual equipment guides.
  • Access platform guides: For access platform companies we prepare and print individual access platform guides and corporate brochures including specifications for all access platforms, fork lifts, telehandlers and all other hire equipment.
  • Crane hire directory: The International Crane Rentals Directory covers more than 5.000 addresses of crane hire companies worldwide. We also deliver useful books like our mobile crane load chart book and scaled top views of mobile cranes for crane dispatchers and lift planners.
  • Access hire directory: The International Access Rentals Directory offers you more than 2.800 access hire companies worldwide. You find the best access platform hire for your job quick and easily.
  • Mobile crane CAD blocks: We offer you a large stock of crane CAD blocks for mobile cranes from manufacturers like Liebherr, Grove, Terex-Demag and Tadano Faun for your CAD based jobsite- and lift planning.

Equipment guides for crane hire, access hire, heavy haulage »

Equipment guide for Bigge crane rentalEquipment guides are the perfect sales tool for your crane hire, access platform hire and heavy haulage company to showcase your equipment to your customers.

It is the most effective way to introduce the mobile cranes, tower cranes, access platforms, heavy haulage equipment or any other hire equipment to your customers. At the same time you provide them with reliable specifications for crane lift plans, job site and transport planning.

The in-house-production of an equipment guide mostly fails due to the considerable amount of time that is required to collect and input the data. Printing stores and advertising agencies on the other hand are not accustomed to the technical intricacies of your business.

You would have to provide them with every single crane load chart and all detailed information and brochures for each access platform, fork lift, telescopic handler, prime movers, trucks, heavy haulage equipment and every other piece of equipment.

All we need is your logo and your equipment list!

Crane CAD blocks - Mobile crane drawings for crane lift plans »

CAD blocks for mobile cranes

We deliver mobile crane CAD blocks for crane lift plans

Crane CAD blocks for all current mobile cranes for your CAD crane lift plans available as DXF or DWG files.

Including all dimensions, outrigger basis and slewing radius our crane CAD drawings contain all relevant elements of the mobile cranes - ready to be used in your concrete CAD crane lift plan.

At once you can check and show the space needed by your crane for rigging and slewing. This gives you a perfect crane lift for your customer.

The crane CAD blocks are scaled redrawn in AutoCAD by our draftsmen based upon the crane manufacturers' brochures. Check our stock list of CAD blocks for mobile cranes and download free sample drawings for tryout below.

Crane hire directory »

International Crane Rental Directory

Crane hire companies for your lifting tasks

When you need to hire mobile cranes for lifting tasks on different job sites in different countries you will have a great benefit from our comprehensive crane hire directory. This listing will help you at the hire desk quickly to find the best suitable crane hire company for your lifting needs all over the world.

The "International Crane Rental Directory" is your essential source when it comes to hire of all terrain cranes, rough terrain cranes, crawler cranes or any other kind of mobile cranes in Europe and worldwide.