Crane guide for Jaromin - Mini, Mobile and Mobile tower cranes

Crane specification guide for Jaromin crane hire serviceJaromin crane hire service is based in Oberhausen, in the middle of the German Ruhr region. This area has probably one of the highest concentrations of crane companies and mobile cranes all over Germany.

A lot of well known major crane hire companies are located in this metropolitan area with a high concentration of heavy industry within a rather small radius. Many years ago we have prepared and delivered the first issue of an individual crane specification guide for Jaromin.

Because the companies' fleet of cranes has changed a lot after the first crane guide was printed, we recently got the order to update and reprint the existing crane spec book.

This February we have delivered the completely overworked crane specification guide to Oberhausen. Right on time for sharing out to the customers before the new crane hire season starts.

Mini crane hire and telescopic crawler cranes

Many amendments affected the mini crane section as Jaromin has its focus on mini crane hire. All of them are Maeda mini cranes starting from 3 tonnes up to 6 tonnes load capacity. Mini crane hire is not yet as crowded in Germany as the regular crane hire is and therefore offers more opportunities for a healthy rental income. The second chapter shows load charts for two telescopic crawler cranes. One is a Sennebogen 643 R, the other one is a Liebherr LTR 1100 with 100 tonnes load capacity.

All terrain cranes from Jaromin

Off course Jaromin offers regular crane hire too. All terrain cranes are available up to 350 tonnes load capacity. The new crane specification guide contains load charts for 15 different mobile cranes from Liebherr, Tadano Faun and Terex-Demag. In addition to the All terrain cranes Jaromin offers compact cranes like AC 30 and AC 40-1 from Terex Demag as well as the new LTC 1045-3.1 from Liebherr for hire. These cranes are very important for example for relocation and installation of machines in factory buildings and industrial complexes.

Mobile tower cranes for hire

As a second niche beside mini crane hire Jaromin offers a large fleet of mobile tower cranes for hire. Without a doubt mobile tower cranes are one of the most innovative crane concepts of the last decade. The advantage of real quick rigging combined with high load capacities and wide reach is obvious. Anyway, the market share of mobile tower cranes in Germany is not yet very high and some crane hire owners are not easy to be convinced about the advantages. The owners of Jaromin crane hire service are very convinced about mobile tower cranes.

I was told that many hire customers have been and still are rather sceptical at first. But they change their opinion once they have worked with a mobile tower crane and they don't want to hire other cranes anymore. These cranes are predestined for lifting jobs where wide areas, just like roofing or similar jobs, need to be reached from one location. That's the reason why Jaromin runs a fleet of eight different crane types in this niche.

Both big brands of mobile tower crane manufacturers are represented in the crane fleet. The biggest crane is the SK 1265 AT6 from Spierings in the Netherlands. Leo Spierings once puzzled the construction and brought this crane concept to marketability. Later on Liebherr has also added these cranes to its product range.

Refinancing the crane specification guide partially by advertising

Jaromin crane hire service is one of a few customers from us that gets its suppliers involved in the crane specification guide production. They have offered paid advertising to some suppliers and other related service companies. Shortly it can be said that both parties profit from this model. The crane hire company gets a partial refund of the printing costs. The suppliers have the opportunitiy to be recognized from the hire customers and maybe generate new customers on their own behalf. I'm yet going to prepare a separate and detailed blog post how you can refinance your crane specification guides at least partially by suppliers advertising at a later date.

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