Equipment guide for Prangl crane and equipment hire

Equipment guide for Prangl crane and access hire In January we have successfully finished and delivered one of the most comprehensive equipment guide projects of our company history.

With a printing volume of nearly 2,11 million pages we have delivered the new equipment guides for crane and equipment hire Prangl from Austria.

The equipment guide shows specifications and load charts of all the mobile cranes in the fleet. Among them are telescopic cranes, truck mounted cranes, mobile tower cranes, city class cranes, lattice boom cranes and crawler cranes up to 600 tons load capacity as well as several truck mounted loader cranes from Palfinger and other manufacturers.

Other chapters cover specifications about heavy haulage services including prime movers, trucks and trailers and heavy lifting and rigging with lifting gantries. Access platforms, telescopic handlers, mini cranes and under bridge inspection equipment are shown with main details in an informative overview. For these machines we are going to prepare specification sheets as separate PDF-files for Prangl in a separate order.

Individuality in design and layout

This project has started with a face to face talk during my visit in June 2008. We have met in the company headquarter of Prangl in Brunn/Gebirge in Austria in order to discuss the main details for their new crane and equipment guides. The first talk about the new project with our customer has shown one thing clearly: The new equipment guide for Prangl should be really special and individual in design and layout. Anyway we set a high value on this topic ourselves, to make every equipment guide as special and individual as possible. That's why we have created a very special page layout in a multilevel process of coordination. After finishing and the final approval from Prangl we have started to create the technical content.

Detailed solutions for the content

The outstanding individuality for the Prangl equipment guide is not limited to the graphic things only. The content also shows several special and customized solutions. For example the use of footnotes in the crane load charts where restricted to a minimum and the information where added to the pictograms.

For the lattice boom cranes and the crawler cranes we prepared some useful load chart aggregations for different configurations. This has helped to restrict the number of pages for the TC 2800-1 and CC 2800-1 to a minimum. These cranes usually offer a mass of different load charts and configurations especially with the wind power kits.

Characteristics in printing and production

The complete delivery for Prangl crane and equipment hire comprises pocketbooks in size DIN A6, ringbinder in size DIN A4 including a made-to-measure slipcase as well as the crane and equipment guide on CD as PDF-file. Off course we have added some more individual characteristics in the configuration.

PVC cover in full coloured digital printing

In April 2011 one of our suppliers has introduced a new technology for the printing of PVC ringbinder and covers for pocketbooks, which makes possible full coloured digital printing on PVC films. Until now PVC was printed by screen printing which didn't allow allowed too much details in the motives. But with the full coloured digital printing this material can be printed with fully detailed photos and finest motives. The result is really awesome.

For the Prangl pocketbook we have offered and produced the full coloured digital printing process for the first time now. The picture on the head of this post shows the cover design of the Prangl equipment guide. This was printed on white PVC film with a real impressing result. Additionally the cover is reinforced with a hard PVC film on the inside.

For the DIN A4 ringbinder we have created and delivered a made-to-measure slipcase. With this slipcase the ringbinder can be placed stand-alone on every desk without reacting on gravity due to the massive content. Layout and design of the ringbinder, the fitting slipcase, the cover of the pocketbook and the CD package was designed by the customers advertising agency in Vienna.

About Prangl crane and equipment hire

Prangl is one of the two by far biggest crane and equipment hire companies in Austria, The company is also listed in the IC 50, the list of the biggest crane hire companies worldwide. Prangl runs a massive fleet of mobile cranes with capacities up to 600 tons. Starting from mini cranes up to crawler cranes they offer a suitable mobile crane for every lifting job. Prangl's core competences comprise

  • mobile crane hire
  • heavy haulage and transportation
  • access platform hire
  • telehandler hire
  • heavy lift rigging and installation

These services are supplied from six locations in Austria as well as in Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia and Romania. During the past years Prangl has invested massively in the renewal of the crane fleet, the access platforms and telescopic handlers. Some weeks ago the Austrian crane hire announced new investments for the expansion and renewal of the heavy haulage and transport equipment. This month Prangl was awarded as leading company of Austria.

PDF spec sheets for access platforms, telehandlers and mini cranes

As mentioned above our next task from Prangl is to prepare single specification sheets as PDF for all of the different access platforms, the telescopic handlers and the mini cranes. Due to the large number of different machines of the equipment hire pool was not intended to be included in the equipment guide.

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