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Terex Explorer 5800 and AC 250-1 All Terrain Cranes in tandem lift »

Terex Explorer 5800 and AC 250-1 All Terrain Cranes lift roof elementsLimited space and oversized loads – these were the two challenges that crane service provider Autojeřáby Malina had to overcome when lifting the steel roof structures for the new multi-purpose arena in the Czech town of Frydek-Místek.

The solution for this difficult task was a tandem lift with a Terex Explorer 5800 and an AC 250-1 all terrain crane.

July 2014 in

Terex-Demag CC 9800 crawler crane »

This month crane manufacturer Terex-Demag will introduce the new CC 9800 crawler crane at the Zweibrücken factory. The crane is based on the known CC 8800-1. Rope system and hook block are already known from the bigger CC 8800-1 Twin.

December 2008 in

Terex CC 2400-1 crawler crane »

According to International Cranes, crane manufacturer Terex-Demag in Germany will launch a new 400 tonne capacity crawler crane, the CC 2400-1. The new crane is being developed out of the Terex CC 2200’s crawler chassis and will have a completely new boom system, Terex-Demag said. The maximum load moment of the “world” crane, designed for all markets, will be at 5150 tonne-metres.

September 2005 in