Crawler cranes

Below you find a list with the basic specifications for different crawler cranes from 30t up to 3200 t lift capacity, from Liebherr, Terex Demag, Sennebogen, Hitachi and Manitowoc. A click on the crane type opens a comprehensive data sheet in the FLEETfile - our crane specifications database. You will find detailed specifications, such as dimensions, drive units, booms and much more, as well as load charts and crawler crane owners. On our web page Mobile crane load charts you find complete load charts for several cranes from many manufacturers. All specifications listed below are for reference only! These are no sales offers for used cranes!

Crawler crane specifications

  Crawler crane Capacity Counterweight Main boom Fixed jib Fly jib
1 Sennebogen 630 R-HD 30t at 2m 8t 7,5-32,7m -m -m
2 Hitachi KH 125-3 35t at 3m 11,6t 10-40m 6,1-15,25m -m
3 Kobelco 7035 35t at 3,7m 10,9t 9,14-39,62m 6,1-12,19m -m
4 Hitachi KH 150-3 40t at 3m 13,2t 10-46m 6,1-15,25m -m
5 Hitachi Sumitomo SCX 400 40t at 3,7m 12,5t 10-46m 6-15m -m
6 Sennebogen 640 HD C 40t at 3m 12,5t 10,3-46,7m -m -m
7 Sennebogen 640 R 40t at 3m 13t 10-40m -m -m
8 Kobelco 7045 45t at 3,7m 15,05t 9,14-48,77m 6,1-15,24m -m
9 Hitachi CX 500 50t at 3,5m 16,9t 10-52m -m -m
10 Kobelco BM 500 50t at 3,8m 17t 9,1-51,8m 6,1-15,2m -m
11 Sennebogen 650 HD 50t at 3m 18t 10,3-52,3m -m -m
12 Terex-Demag CC 200 50t at 3,7m 17,7t 9-51m 6-15m -m
13 Sennebogen 640 HD 50t at 3m 13t 10-40m 10-16m -m
14 Hitachi CX 550 55t at 3,5m 18,7t 10-52m -m -m
15 Kobelco BM 600 55t at 3,7m 14,9t 9,1-51,8m 6,1-18,3m -m
16 Hitachi Sumitomo SCX 550 55t at 3,7m 18,7t 10-49m 6-15m -m
17 Hitachi KH 230-3 60t at 3,7m 22,8t 13-52m 9-18m -m
18 Sennebogen 660 HD 60t at 4m 17,8t 12,1-54,1m 13,1-24,3m -m
19 Kobelco CKE 600 60t at 3m 15,2t 9,1-51,8m 6,1-18,3m -m
20 Sennebogen 655 R/R-HD 60t at 3m 17,8t 10-46m 10-16m -m
21 Kobelco BM 700 65t at 4,1m 20,55t 9,1-54,9m 6,1-18,3m -m
22 Kobelco BM 700 HD 70t at 3,7m 27,7t 12,2-54,9m 6,1-18,3m -m
23 Hitachi Sumitomo SCX 700 70t at 3,7m 23,8t 9-54m 9-18m -m
24 Kobelco CKE 700 70t at 3,1m 22,6t 9,1-54,9m 6,1-18,3m -m
25 Hitachi KH 300-3 80t at 3,9m 20,8t 13-58m 9-18m 19-34m
26 Hitachi Sumitomo SCX 800 HD-2 80t at 3,4m 28,2t 9,5-54,5m 9-18m -m
27 Hitachi Sumitomo SCX 800-2 80t at 3,3m 28,2t 9,5-54,5m 9-18m -m
28 Sennebogen 680 HD 80t at 4m 25t 12,1-59,7m 13,1-24,3m -m
29 Kobelco CKE 800 80t at 3m 25,7t 9,1-54,9m 6,1-18,3m -m
30 Sennebogen 2200 80t at 4m 25t 12,1-59,7m 13,1-24,3m -m
31 Terex-Demag CC 280-1 80t at 3,5m 26,3t 12-54m 9-18m 16-31m
32 Sennebogen 670 R/R-HD 80t at 3m 24t 10-52m 10-16m -m
33 Hitachi Sumitomo SCX 900-2 90t at 4m 29,7t 12-60m 10-28m -m
34 Kobelco CKE 900 90t at 3,4m 28,8t 12,2-61m 9,1-18,3m -m
35 Kobelco 7090 90t at 4,3m 34,3t 13,8-62,6m 9,1-21,3m 18,8-37,1m
36 Hitachi KH 500-3 100t at 4,6m 33,4t 16-73m 9-22,5m 22-43m
37 Kobelco 7100 100t at 5m 40,5t 18,3-73,2m 12,2-24,4m 22,9-44,2m
38 Kobelco BM 1200 100t at 5m 28t 18,3-73,15m 12,19-30,48m -m
39 Terex-Demag CC 400 100t at 4m 24t 13-61m 10-22m -m
40 Sennebogen 6100 HD 100t at 4m 24t 10-64m -m 12-36m
41 Liebherr LR 1100 104t at 3,1m 32,3t 14-83m 11-32m 14-62m
42 Sennebogen 3300 110t at 4m 37,7t 13,1-74,7m 13,1-29,9m 18,7-52,3m
43 Hitachi Sumitomo SCX 1200-2 120t at 4,5m 45t 15-72m 10-28m -m
44 Sennebogen 6120 HD 120t at 4m 32t 10-64m -m 12-36m
45 Kobelco 7120 120t at 5m 52,3t 15,2-79,2m 12,2-30,5m -m
46 Sennebogen 6130 HD 130t at 4m 38t 13,1-69,1m -m -m
47 Kobelco CKE 1350-1F 135t at 4,5m 53t 15,2-82,3m 12,2-30,5m 22,9-53,3m
48 Liebherr LR 1130 137t at 3,4m 50,9t 17-92,9m 11-32m 22,7-78,5m
49 Sennebogen 4400 140t at 4m 49t 13,1-80,3m 13,1-29,9m 13,1-52,3m
50 Terex-Demag CC 600 140t at 4m 55t 9-72m -m 12-48m
51 Kobelco 7150 150t at 5m 54t 18,3-82,3m 12,19-30,48m 27,43-45,7m
52 Manitowoc 777 160t at 4m 64,4t 18,3-82,3m -m 21,3-51,8m
53 Liebherr LR 1160 160t at 3,7m 55t 20-104,9m 11-26m 22,7-69,8m
54 Sennebogen 5500 160t at 4,7m 60t 18,7-80-3m 13,1-18,7m 24,3-52,3m
55 Sennebogen 6180 HD 180t at 5,7m 66t 18-84m -m 24-48m
56 Kobelco CKE 1800 180t at 3m 60t 12,2-85,3m 12,2-30,5m 21,3-51,8m
57 Liebherr LR 1200 220t at 4m 81t 20-117m 11-26m 20-95m
58 Manitowoc 999 250t at 4,6m 99,6t 21,3-103,6m 9,1-18,3m 21,3-73,2m
59 Liebherr LR 1250 250t at 5m 75,3t 20-96,2m -m 20-62m
60 Manitowoc 15000 250t at 4,6m 107,6t 21,5-87,5m 9,1-24,4m 21,3-73,2m
61 Kobelco CKE 2500 250t at 4,6m 90t 15,2-91,4m 12,2-30,5m 21,3-61m
62 Kobelco 7250-2 250t at 4,6m 97,1t 15,2-91,4m 12,2-30,5m 27,4-51,8m
63 Terex-Demag CC 1400 250t at 5m 120t 18-108m 12-36m 18-66m
64 Terex-Demag CC 1100 250t at 8m 80t 12-78m -m 12-48m
65 Hitachi Sumitomo SCX 2800-2 275t at 4,3m 102,8t 15,25-91,4m 12,2-36,55m -m
66 Liebherr LR 1280 275t at 4,3m 85,5t 20-98,9m 11-26m 20-83m
67 Liebherr LR 1300 300t at 5m 124t 20-123m 14-35m 20-113m
68 Kobelco 7300 300t at 5m 96t 18-96m -m 24-60m
69 Sennebogen 7700 300t at 5m 80t 18,7-113,9m -m 18,7-91,5m
70 Liebherr LR 1350/1 300t at 5m 125t 24-120m 12-36m 24-90m
71 Terex-Demag CC 2000-1 300t at 5m 120t 18-108m 12-30m 18-84m
72 Terex-Demag CC 1800-1 300t at 6m 120t 18-114m 12-36m 18-72m
73 Terex-Demag CC 1500 300t at 5m 120t 18-102m 12-36m 18-72m
74 Terex-Demag CC 1800 300t at 5m 120t 18-150m 12-36m 18-66m
75 Liebherr LR 1400/2-W 350t at 6,5m 155t 21-119m 10,5-38,5m -m
76 Terex-Demag CC 2200 350t at 6m 140t 24-126m 12-36m 24-84m
77 Liebherr LR 1500 400t at 4,5m 130t 21-98m -m 21-84m
78 Liebherr LR 1400/2 400t at 4,5m 155t 21-119m 10,5-38,5m 21-91m
79 Liebherr LR 1400/1 400t at 4,5m 155t 21-119m -m 21-91m
80 Terex-Demag CC 2400-1 400t at 7m 160t 24-126m 12-36m 24-84m
81 Terex-Demag CC 2400 400t at 7m 130t 18-90m -m 18-72m
82 Terex-Demag CC 2500 450t at 7m 140t 24-126m 12-36m 24-84m
83 Kobelco SL 6000 450t at 6m 180t 30-84m -m 24-72m
84 Terex-Demag CC 2500-1 500t at 9m 160t 24-126m 12-36m 24-84m
85 Terex-Demag CC 2600 500t at 7m 149t 18-120m -m 24-78m
86 Liebherr LR 1550 550t at 4,5m 200t 21-105m -m 21-91m
87 Liebherr LR 1600/1 600t at 6m 245t 35-140m 14-21m 28-105m
88 Liebherr LR 1600/2-W 600t at 11m 190t 24-138m 12-36m -m
89 Liebherr LR 1600/2 600t at 5,5m 190t 24-144m 12-36m 24-96m
90 Terex-Demag CC 2800-1 600t at 6m 180t 24-138m 12-36m 24-84m
91 Terex-Demag CC / PC 4200 600t at 5m 220t 28-105m -m 28-84m
92 Terex-Demag CC 3800 600t at 6m 172t 28-98m -m 28-84m
93 Terex-Demag CC 2800 600t at 6m 180t 24-138m 12-36m 24-84m
94 Manitowoc 18000 600t at 7,3m 239,5t 36,6-121,9m 27,4-45,7m 21,3-94,5m
95 Terex Superlift 3800 650t at 7m 205t 24-144m 12-36m 24-96m
96 Liebherr LR 1750 750t at 7m 245t 28-133m -m 28-105m
97 Kobelco 7800 750t at 5,6m 200t 18,3-115,8m -m 24,4-73,2m
98 Liebherr LR 1750/2 750t at 9m 245t 35-140m -m 28-105m
99 Liebherr LR 1800 800t at 9m 238t 21-112m -m 21-91m
100 Terex-Demag CC 4800 800t at 7m 160t 24-102m -m 24-90m
101 Terex-Demag PC 9600 800t at 9m 360t 42-126m -m -m
102 Terex-Demag CC 4000 800t at 8,5m 140t 18-102m -m 24-72m
103 Manitowoc 21000 900t at 8,5m 240,72t 9,1-121,9m -m 36,6-91,4m
104 Terex-Demag CC 12000 960t at 10m 400t 54-114m -m 54-102m
105 Liebherr LR 11000 1000t at 11m 250t 18-156m 12-42m 36-114m
106 Terex-Demag CC 5800 1000t at 8m 250t 30-150m 12-36m 30-108m
107 Terex-Demag CC 6400 1000t at 10m 201t 36-132m -m 27,5-96m
108 Liebherr LR 11200 1000t at 10m 400t 42-126m -m 42-112m
109 Gottwald AK 1200 1200t at 5m 330t 16-128m -m 30-100m
110 Terex-Demag CC 8000 1200t at 8m 300t 36-120m -m 30-102m
111 Terex-Demag CC 8800 1250t at 9m 280t 48-150m -m 36-108m
112 Terex-Demag CC 6800 1250t at 8m 250t 36-150m 12-36m 30-108m
113 Liebherr LR 11350 1350t at 12m 340t 42-150m -m 36-114m
114 Terex-Demag CC 8800-1 1600t at 10m 295t 48-156m 36-108m 36-108m
115 Terex-Demag CC 9800 1600t at 10m 295t 54-156m -m 36-120m
116 Terex-Demag CC 12600 1600t at 12m 470t 54-138m -m 42-114m
117 Liebherr LR 13000 3000t at 12m 750t 60-144m -m 48-126m
118 Terex-Demag CC 8800-1 Twin 3200t at 9m 135t 54-156m -m 42-117m

 Crawler crane hire

Crawler cranes offer the highest load capacities from all of the mobile cranes. They offer a combination of high stability of a lattice boom system and the high maneuverability on the job site. These cranes can move under load and are predestined for the real big and heavy lifts in e.g. industrial plants with restricted space. The biggest crane in this section currently is the Terex Demag CC 8800-1 Twin followed by the Liebherr LR 13000. If you need further information about this topic we are happy to help you.