Telescopic crawler cranes

Specifications for telescopic crawler cranes. Below you find the most important specifications for numerous telescopic crawler cranes from divers crane manufacturers. A click on the crane type opens a comprehensive spec sheet for the telescopic crawler crane in the FLEETfile - our database for mobile crane specifications. You will find additional specifications, such as dimensions, drive units, booms and much more, as well as load capacities and crane owners. On our web page Mobile crane load charts you find complete load charts and scaled top views for many mobile cranes from all crane manufacturers.

All telescopic crawler crane specifications listed below are for reference only! These are no sales offers!

Telescopic crawler crane specifications

  Telescopic crawler crane Capacity Counterweight Main boom Folding jib Fixed jib Fly jib
1 Hitachi Sumitomo SCX 400 T 40t at 2,5m 11,5t 10,06-32m -m -m -m
2 Terex-Bendini TCC 40 42t at 3m t 9,15-27,45m 8m -m -m
3 Terex-Bendini TCC 45 44t at 2,5m t 9,5-37,4m 8m -m -m
4 Liebherr LTR 1060 60t at 2m 15,6t 10,2-40m 2,5/9,5/16m -m -m
5 Terex-Bendini TCC 60 60t at 3m t 10,3-32,4m 8/14/20m -m -m
6 PPM A 600 C 60t at 3m -t 10,3-32,40m 8/10/14/20m -m -m
7 Sennebogen 683 HD 80t at 2,5m 20,5t 10,8-42m -m 10,8/18,6/26,4/3m -m
8 Liebherr LTR 1100 100t at 2,5m 32t 11,5-52m 10,8/19m -m -m
9 Liebherr LTR 1220 220t at 3m 70t 13,3-60m 12,2/22m -m -m
10 Liebherr LTR 11200 360t at 3m 202t 18,3-100m -m 6,5-60,5m 18-126m