Mini cranes

Below we have listed basic specifications for mini cranes from Maeda and Unic. You will find complete specifications when you click on the crane type. This will lead you to a comprehensive spec sheet in the FLEETfile, our crane specifications database. It offers additional information, such as dimensions, drive units, booms as well as load capacities and hire companies. On our web page Mobile crane load charts you find load charts.

Mini crane specifications

Mini crane Capacity Main boom Folding jib
Maeda MC104 1 t 1,85-5,3 m -
Unic URW-095 1 t 2,53-8,65 m -
Unic URW-094 1 t 1,73-5,49 m -
Maeda MC174 2 t 1,83-5,45 m -
Unic URW-506 3 t 3,86-15,64 m -
Unic URW-376 3 t 3,63-14,61 m -
Unic URW-295 3 t 2,53-8,65 m 1,3m
Unic URW-506-5.1 5 t 3,93-15,71 m 1/3m
Unic URW-706 6 t 4,8-19,2 m 3,1 m

All specifications given are for reference only! These are no sales offers!

Mini crane hire

Mini cranes show their predominance especially with lifting jobs in confined spaces. Despite of the very compact dimensions, these cranes offer relativ high lifting capacities. The most known manufacturers for this kind of cranes are Unic and Maeda. Crane manufacturer Jekko has entered the market during the past years. We will add Jekko specifications soon. When you need to hire a mini crane please feel free to contact us. We will be pleased to arrange contact to a suitable crane hire for you.