Lattice boom crane specifications

Specifications for lattice boom cranes. Below you find the most important specifications for numerous lattice boom cranes from divers crane manufacturers. A click on the crane type opens a comprehensive spec sheet for the lattice boom crane in the FLEETfile - our database for mobile crane specifications. You will find additional specifications, such as dimensions, drive units, booms and much more, as well as load capacities and crane owners. On our web page Mobile crane load charts you find complete load charts and scaled top views for many mobile cranes from all crane manufacturers.

All lattice boom crane specifications listed below are for reference only! These are no sales offers!

Lattice boom crane specifications

  Lattice boom crane Capacity Axles Counterweight Main boom Fixed jib Fly jib
1 Krupp 14 GG 14t at 3,2m 2 1,7t 6-30m 6m -m
2 Krupp 16 GG 16t at 2,6m 2 1,7t 6-30m 6m -m
3 Terex-Demag TC 85 30t at 6m 3 3,9t 6-42m 4,5-12m -m
4 Sennebogen 640 M 40t at 3m 2 5,7t 10-40m -m -m
5 Terex-Demag TC 120 45t at 3m 4 5,7t 6-48m 4,5-15m -m
6 Terex-Demag TC 140 50t at 3m 4 7,6t 6-48m 4,5-15m -m
7 Terex-Demag TC 150 55t at 3m 4 4,6t 9-48m 4,5-18m -m
8 Terex-Demag TC 180 60t at 3m 4 9,5t 6-57m 4,5-15m 12-30m
9 Terex-Demag TC 200 70t at 3m 5 4,55t 9-54m -m 12-30m
10 Gottwald AK 85-53 80t at 4m 5 21t 13,5-68,5m 5-20m 13,5-43,5m
11 Terex-Demag TC 280 80t at 3,5m 5 18t 9-60m -m 12-30m
12 Terex-Demag TC 300 100t at 3,2m 4 18t 9-60m -m 18-30m
13 Terex-Demag TC 400 100t at -m 5 26t 9-60m -m 12-42m
14 Terex-Demag TC 500 125t at 3,4m 5 31t 9-72m -m 12-48m
15 Liebherr LG 1130 125t at 3,5m 5 32t 7-70m 14-35m 14-63m
16 Gottwald AK 200 135t at -m 5 31t 12-68m 8-40m -m
17 Terex-Demag TC 600 140t at 4m 5 41,5t 9-72m -m 12-48m
18 Coles LT 4000 143t at 3,5m 5 35t 12-81m 9-42m 12-48m
19 Liebherr LG 1150 150t at 4m 6 44t 14-77m -m 21-63m
20 Terex-Demag TC 650 170t at 3,5m 5 48,9t 9-72m -m 12-48m
21 Gottwald AK 210-73 180t at 4,7m 7 61,5t 10-93m -m 23-65m
22 Coles LT 5000 200t at 4m 6 62t 12-96m 9-36m 9-54m
23 Liebherr LG 1200 200t at 4m 6 72t 8-77m -m 21-70m
24 Terex-Demag TC 1100 250t at 6m 7 90t 12-90m -m 12-66m
25 Terex-Demag TC 2000 350t at 5,5m 7 120t 12-90m -m 18-72m
26 Liebherr LG 1350 350t at 5,5m 8 105t 21-91m -m 21-84m
27 Terex-Demag TC 2400 450t at 5,5m 7 130t 18-90m -m 18-72m
28 Terex-Demag TC 2500 450t at 7m 7 160t 24-126m 12-36m 24-84m
29 Gottwald AK 450-83 450t at 5m 8 135t 16-100m -m 23-93m
30 Terex-Demag TC 3200 500t at 5m 7 149t 18-120m -m 24-102m
31 Terex-Demag TC 2600 500t at 5m 7 149t 18-90m -m 24-84m
32 Liebherr LG 1550 550t at 4,5m 8 160t 21-105m -m 21-105m
33 Terex-Demag TC 2800 600t at 6m 8 200t 24-138m 12-36m 24-96m
34 Terex-Demag TC 2800-1 600t at 6m 8 200t 24-138m 12-36m 24-96m
35 Terex-Demag TC 3600 650t at 4,5m 8 250t 22-106m -m 21-95m
36 Terex-Demag TC 3800 650t at 6m 8 220t 28-98m -m 28-84m
37 Terex-Demag TC 4000 650t at 6m 8 150t 18-108m -m 24-90m
38 Gottwald AK 680-1 650t at 5m 10 206t 23-113m -m 29-95m
39 Liebherr LG 1750 750t at 7m 8 250t 28-140m 14-21m 28-105m
40 Gottwald AK 850 850t at 9m 10 206t 23-113m -m 29-95m
41 Gottwald AK 912 900t at 4,5m 10 206t 23-113m -m 29-95m

Lattice boom cranes

Lattice boom cranes combine the mobility of an all terrain crane with the high lifting capacities of a lattice boom mast. The advantage of Lattice boom cranes is that they can travel on own axle to the job site. Lifting capacities of Lattice boom cranes are comparable to those of crawler cranes. The biggest up to date lattice boom crane is the LG 1750 from Liebherr. In former times the leading manufacturer of lattice boom cranes was Gottwald. They had built several trailblazing lattice boom cranes like the AK 850 or the AK 912. Though the company is not active anymore for more than 20 years now, many of the Gottwald lattice boom cranes are still working on job sites around the world.