Mobile tower cranes

Specifications for mobile tower cranes. Below you find the most important specifications for mobile tower cranes from Spierings, Liebherr and other crane manufacturers. A click on the crane type opens a comprehensive spec sheet for the mobile tower crane in the FLEETfile - our database for mobile crane specifications. You will find additional specifications, such as dimensions, drive units, booms and much more, as well as load capacities and crane owners. On our web page Mobile crane load charts you find complete load charts and scaled top views for many mobile cranes from all crane manufacturers.

All mobile tower crane specifications listed below are for reference only! These are no sales offers!

Mobile tower crane specifications

  Mobile tower crane Capacity Axles Counterweight Tower Boom
1 Spierings SK 345-AT3 5t at 9m 3 7t 20,3m 30,4m
2 Munster ABK 30-55 5t at 10,8m 3 8,5t 23m 30m
3 Spierings SK 365-AT3 5t at 12m 3 7t 20,3m 30,4m
4 Liebherr MK 45 6t at 9,8m 4 t 17,7m 27m
5 Liebherr MK 40 6t at 9,2m 4 t 17,7m 27m
6 Munster ABK 42-80 6t at 12m 4 13t 28m 42m
7 Spierings SK 377-AT3 7t at 10m 3 6,9t 21,3m 33m
8 Spierings SK 477-AT4 7t at 11m 4 9t 25m 38m
9 Liebherr MK 63 8t at 9m 3 -t 14,6/25m 26,5/36m
10 Liebherr MK 80 8t at 10m 4 -t 28m 30,5/42m
11 Liebherr MK 88 8t at 12m 4 t 30,2m 45m
12 Spierings SK 498-AT4 8t at 12m 4 9,2t 26,5m 44m
13 Spierings SK 488-AT4 8t at 12m 4 8,7t 26,4m 40m
14 Liebherr MK 100 8t at 16m 5 -t 25/33m 44/52m
15 Liebherr MK 110 8t at 14m 5 -t 25/33m 44/52m
16 Spierings SK 598-AT5 8t at 12m 5 8,7t 31,4m 48m
17 Spierings SK 599-AT5 9t at 13m 5 11,3t 34,1m 50m
18 Spierings SK 1265-AT6 10t at 13m 6 14,3t 36,8m 60m
19 Spierings SK 2400-AT7 18t at 13,5m 7 -t 37,2m 42m

Mobile tower crane information

A mobile tower crane is a self erecting tower crane mounted on an all terrain crane carrier. It is ready for lifting at the job site within a few minutes. Mobile tower cranes are distinguished by their high mobility as well as heavy loads at a larger radius. At high obstacles mobile tower cranes can replace much larger telescopic cranes. Currently two major manufacturers share most of the market for mobile tower cranes. Dutch crane manufacturer Spierings has brought the concept to serial production and has established the new niche in the market. Liebherr has later on also added mobile tower cranes to the product range.